Deep Under  {ManxMan} by _A13XA_
Deep Under {ManxMan}by Alexa
Aquarius is a merman. He lives in the ocean, helps his tribe out, and enjoys life as much as he can. Being in his tribe is hard though, especially when he has to see all...
  • mates
  • mate
  • romance
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The Alpha's Mermaid [COMPLETE] by AshlyNikkii
The Alpha's Mermaid [COMPLETE]by ♕ a s h ♕
Do you know what mermaids love? The open water, swimming with their fish friends, laughing all day long.... You know what they hate? Being caught. Especially by someone...
  • alphasmermaid
  • alpha
  • alphamate
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One Angel for Two Devils by Sadusjp
One Angel for Two Devilsby Sadusjp
*Mature content "Oh! God. You're so sweet baby girl" With that Alex claimed my lips with his. His tongue invaded every corner of my mouth. He gently bite my to...
  • warewolfking
  • vampireking
  • completed
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Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them (Winner Watty Award 2014) by BrittanieCharmintine
Mermaids and the Vampires Who Britt
"Everyone knows mermaid blood is like vampire crack ..." Right before her senior year, mermaid Waverly Marie Fishwater's parents inform her they're moving to t...
  • wattchicks
  • mythology
  • firstlove
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Skinny Dipping with a Mermaid {Sirius Black} by kmbell92
Skinny Dipping with a Mermaid { K.M. Bell
With the exception of Mirabella Plunkett in the 1800s, the idea of a merpeople and wizarding folk being together was unheard of and considered taboo. Up until the age o...
  • peterpettigrew
  • wattys2016
  • maraudersera
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Marine World by rachksnaps
Marine Worldby Rachksnaps
A featured story|Wattys 2018 shortlist| Seventeen-year-old Aura and the three other genetically modified humans in captivity have been planning an escape from Marine Wor...
  • future
  • genetics
  • love
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Traversing Worlds  by DaiyokaiKnight
Traversing Worlds by DaiyokaiKnight
Seeing the System Transmigration type stories as interesting this story idea was born. A Host without a name who has only a core memory and no past that has a simple li...
  • system
  • elf
  • dragon
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The Beach House by Reekles
The Beach Houseby Beth Reeks
**This is a novella to my book The Kissing Booth, but if you don't mind some spoilers, feel free to read on regardless!** It's summer, and for Rochelle and her best frie...
  • mermaid
  • abstract
  • rain
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Siren by pocketbangtan
Sirenby Y|O|O|N|I|V|E|R|S|E
~Follow this song~ ~It's a bit dangerous, but I'm so sweet ~ *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~ BTS V x Reader Angsty but still cute Siren AU Inspired by Siren'...
  • bangtanboys
  • jungkook
  • supernatural
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The Princess of Pirates by luckycharms
The Princess of Piratesby Thannujah Mathiy
Princess Nerina of Caspian is a troubled girl dreaming of adventures on the great blue sea. She is always trying her hardest to disobey her mother, who wants her as far...
  • revenge
  • queen
  • ancient
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Maid Of Mer by Christine_Owen
Maid Of Merby Christine Owen
Aria is not like the Sirens. She lacks their sultry deception, the dark magic that lures sailors to enchanted demise. They call her the mer-maid, neither accepting Aria...
  • talesofthedeep
  • prince
  • magic
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Deep Blue Sea  by WorldWriter_1
Deep Blue Sea by 🍄тнє ωяιтєя🍄
{COMPLETED} [MANxBOY/Mpreg] Book 1 of 'Blue' Series: Easton LeLand is a merman. He has lived in the sea all his life and never broke the rules. He knew that there were...
  • ocean
  • sea
  • romance
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Koi Fish; A new hero in Paris (Chat Noir x Reader!Mermaid) by MerliahOcean137
Koi Fish; A new hero in Paris ( Kirsten Marie Demanuele
After living her whole life in the sea, (Y/n) Ocean, a mermaid, now lives with her aunt in Paris and attends Collège Françoise Dupont and meets some new friends, made so...
  • adrien
  • noir
  • miraculous
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Cub Raising Association by LeoTranslations
Cub Raising Associationby LeoTranslations
Title: Cub Raising Association Original title: 幼崽护养协会 Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Shounen Ai Length: 130 chapters Author: 酒矣 Translator: Leo Translations Translated from...
  • chinesenovel
  • catlike
  • worldtravel
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(bts ff)(Kim Taehyung ff)Nerd with a secret by PrincessE1245
(bts ff)(Kim Taehyung ff)Nerd Emani Dear-Hall
Y/N is daughter of her father who is king of the ocean and mom who is queen.One day her father said that the merpeople and serpents of the see are going to war and she h...
  • btsfanfic
  • mermaid
  • taehyung
His Little Mermaid (Tony Stark x Syrena (POTC) Soul mates - Birthmarks) by insaneredhead
His Little Mermaid (Tony Stark x insaneredhead
Whilst infiltrating a Hydra base the Avengers come across a seemingly abandoned tank, thinking nothing of it they go about their job, except for Tony who sense something...
  • brucebanner
  • asm
  • hulk
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The Mermaid Hypothesis by adam_and_jane
The Mermaid Hypothesisby A.V. Geiger
In the year 2020, the music industry is dead. A new technology called SirenSong has gone viral and wiped out every major record label on the planet. An out-of-work reco...
  • nearfuture
  • mermaid
  • music
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Yandere! Merman x Reader by kiaraars
Yandere! Merman x Readerby 🥀
"You were the light reflecting off the ocean." -12-31-17-
  • thriller
  • paranormal
  • comedy
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Tangible Like a Sea Cube [#JustWriteIt] by marilynarmiston
Tangible Like a Sea Cube [ Marilyn Armiston
[Completed] Highest Ranking: #9 in justwriteit #4 in mpreg #5 in mermaid & "longstory" #15 in omegaverse & royalty #18 in gaylove #35 in original |This is a m...
  • rollercoasters
  • political
  • romance
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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls and a Transformer by Braedey95
Monster Musume: Everyday Life Braedey95
Braedey Martin, bearer of the Transformatrix, a powerful ancient device created by the Thirteen Primes of Cybertron, allowing one to transform into any and all beings on...
  • harem
  • monstermusume
  • lamia
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