Volturi (The Three Kings L.S) by SymoneHeyward
Volturi (The Three Kings L.S)by Symone
Who would ever have guessed that the sister of Isabella Swan would be the future vampire Queen? Many surely did not, so what happens when she is not mated to one but all...
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Protecting the Volturi by Drusilla_Blackfire
Protecting the Volturiby Drusilla_Blackfire
Charlotte is a Syion. A syion is born to fight the monsters people don't know about, she is one of the best, because of who her father is. She started training at the...
  • kings
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Team 10; Instagram (completed) by cultcolby
Team 10; Instagram (completed)by .・゜゜・W・゜゜・.
@team10official followed you! #7 in Jake Paul
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Heartbreaker  by Cookie_218
Heartbreaker by ;P
Melania Swan, Bella Swan's younger sister has always lived with Charlie, her older sister arrives in Forks and meets Edward Cullen. Melania always wanted to go to Englan...
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Hide and Seek (Demetri Volturi) [1] by Nikole596
Hide and Seek (Demetri Volturi) [1]by Nikole596
"You cannot run from him, he's the most powerful tracker in the world." "Watch me." She smirked her red eyes glistening in amusement. **COM...
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Sister  [TWILIGHT] (WATTYS 2018) by That_One_Human_Thing
Sister [TWILIGHT] (WATTYS 2018)by Grey the Color
Winny was so excited when her father told her that her sister was coming to live with them. Her memories of her sister were of a gorgeous older girl who she had followed...
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The Unknown by catalan_andrea
The Unknownby Andrea Montes
Amelia Giselle of France is a french princess and daughter of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette. She shows a gift. What happens to Amelia in the time of the Fren...
  • aro
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imagines #2 by storysmactinus
imagines #2by storysmactinus
imagines - dirty/sad/cute My acc on Instagram (where you can ask me for one) - @/xmactinusfanpagex and @/xmactinusgnrx
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Dobre Imagines √ by bytheangel1d
Dobre Imagines √by Jimin-ssi
Just a bunch of Imagines of Lucas and Marcus that I'll hope you'll enjoy. ? ©bytheangel1d 100K reads > 08/08/2018
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Secrets ~ Four x Reader [Book 1] by Fangirl4654
Secrets ~ Four x Reader [Book 1]by Ur mum is my aesthetic
Complete ✓ You are Tobias's [Four] best friend since childhood. When you go to Dauntless and unexpectedly see him there what will happen? [#1 in Tris] [#1 in Tobias]
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Caius's Mate by hap719
Caius's Mateby 💕Haley💕
**Another Alternate version/story for Izzy** Izzy was born with a genetic disorder leaving her deaf by the age of 9. She can read lips but its hard. She knows sign lang...
  • volturi
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Invisible Ties (Three Kings Romance) by BabblesoftheInsane
Invisible Ties (Three Kings BabblesoftheInsane
"Being the only child of a mother that didn't want you was bad. Being a child that had the ability to turn invisible was worse. But despite all that, being the co...
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Forever -  Dele Alli by authenticmiya
Forever - Dele Alliby Imagines❄️
They've known each-other since they were kids, but they never imagined their lives would turn out the way it did.
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Mayan's MC One Shots by docsangel
Mayan's MC One Shotsby docsangel
These are just one shots of my favorite characters but please feel free to message me if you have a request.
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The Old One (Repost) by insaneredhead
The Old One (Repost)by insaneredhead
Sabina had travelled alone for a very very long time, many of her kind know the stories, they know the rumours and the legends surrounding her but none believe her to be...
  • caius
  • flashbacks
  • emmettcullen
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13 Reasons Why Imagines  by Frankiethedarkangel
13 Reasons Why Imagines by Frankie
Imagines from the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why **all characters ((requests))
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Falling For My Brother (MacTinus) by _shipper_fangirl
Falling For My Brother (MacTinus)by Only For ChanSoo
Marcus and Mactinus are twin brothers, who fell in love with each other. Their sister Silge supported them. So do their sister Emma. But when Martinus told his dad, it l...
  • martinus
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Top 200 werewolf stories by danielle_lawley
Top 200 werewolf storiesby danielle_lawley
My top 200 favourite werewolf stories If you have any to recommend message me and I'll check it out! Hope you enjoy
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Fierce ➰Caius Volturi➰ by fangirl_220204
Fierce ➰Caius Volturi➰by Kol
Bellas' sister, Lola, ran off. That's why no one knew her. Her family disowned her once they knew what she was. She wasn't treated too well by her family when she was a...
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