Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them (Winner Watty Award 2014) by BrittanieCharmintine
Mermaids and the Vampires Who Britt
"Everyone knows mermaid blood is like vampire crack ..." Right before her senior year, mermaid Waverly Marie Fishwater's parents inform her they're moving to t...
  • alicorn
  • mythology
  • supernatural
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Washed Up ~ A Gay Love Story by GummiStories
Washed Up ~ A Gay Love Storyby * GUMMI *
"Out of all the things that could wash up on the beach, it had to be a merman" -Bryant Novoa
  • mermanandhuman
  • mermaids
  • lost
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Beyond the Rocks (STEREK!) by DaddySatan24
Beyond the Rocks (STEREK!)by Daddy Satan
Stiles is a mermaid Derek is a mermaid hunter While Stiles tries to stay alive every night the mermaid hunters dive into the ocean to hunt them down and kill them, Derek...
  • wattys2017
  • mermaid-hunters
  • johnstilinski
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Assassin XY and the Prince (MermanxMerman) by SoSand
Assassin XY and the Prince ( Apollo Winters
(BXB) When a curious sea-drawn marine biologist takes his leisurely sea trip by himself in his special ship, he happens upon his past.... And a new love. Based off a cra...
  • mermen
  • lgbt
  • romance
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Tails (Transformations: Book 1) by JessicaGraceWrites
Tails (Transformations: Book 1)by Jessica Grace
Aria is a professional mermaid at an aquarium. She wears a fake tail and performs for visitors. All her life, she has been in love with the mythical creatures, but her w...
  • mermen
  • mythology
  • teen
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Monster Boys x Female Reader (Temporarily discontinued) by ChildConnoisseur
Monster Boys x Female Reader ( ChildConnoisseur
There isn't much I can say here :') The title says it all. This story includes: Harpies Merpeople Werewolf Naga/Lamia And probably some other creatures I'll think of la...
  • harpy
  • mermen
  • reader
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Secret tail// WDW by wayhooherron
Secret tail// WDWby sweet girl
*description was changed* 1 mermaid and 5 merman. Jasmine, Zach, Daniel, jack, Corbyn and Jonah. Jonah, Corbyn and jasmine go on an adventure and meet people like them...
  • corbynbesson
  • danielseavey
  • zachherron
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Academy of Magic: The Prophecy  by ErinNicoleOfficial
Academy of Magic: The Prophecy by Erin Nicole
It's the start of school at the one and only, The Academy of Magic. The Academy is famous for this very saying: Everyone is Welcome. Is that really true? The Academy Of...
  • werewolves
  • original
  • lgbtq
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Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by ShyViolence
Between the Devil and the Deep Lissy Lou
Her father always took her to work. She got along well with all the experiments. Everyone at work loved her, the animals, the workers....the creatures. A few, I'm afrai...
  • maleyanderes
  • mermen
  • yandere
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Underwater Love -  A Septiplier Love Story by NeverEnoughFangirl
Underwater Love - A Septiplier Tuesday
Seán is new to his highschool but he's a senior. He's bullied because of his sexuality. He gets tossed into the ocean where he meets Mark, the prince of the underwater...
  • tylerscheid
  • gay
  • septiplier
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Noah (Little Mermaid Fanfic) by LostGirl1231
Noah (Little Mermaid Fanfic)by LostGirl
We all remember The Little Mermaid. Some of us may have seen the sequel, where we find out that Ariel has a daughter. In this adaptation, Ariel has two children, but one...
  • fanfic
  • littlemermaid
  • melody
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Lost by WarriorWriter
Lostby Shannon Hewitt
In a world where mermen are considered inferior shifters, they are out casted by all others. Others have allies, mermen have their own backs because no one else is willi...
  • drama
  • mermaid
  • forbiddenromance
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Re-Birth by TSeeker
Re-Birthby Truth Seeker
I died because of a mermaid. Maybe it would be more proper to say that my own fairy-tales are what killed me. Whatever the case, it all began, and ended, with them- the...
  • rebirth
  • ocean
  • alchemy
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Deep || BTS AU by pineapple239
Deep || BTS AUby jungSHOOK
Three boys find themselves stranded on an island untouched by humans, and creatures thought to only exist in fairy tales and myths roam the land and sea. Something has...
  • taekook
  • jhope
  • taehyung
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Moon Stones Gone Missing by FayeTheFab
Moon Stones Gone Missingby FayeTheFab
Erik is back, and he has a plan: to take all the moon ring stones and forge them into one huge stone to reopen the merman chamber on Mako Island. Sirena, Mimmi and Ondi...
  • cleosetori
  • mermanchamber
  • h2o
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individual roleplay  by phoenixblazer1111
individual roleplay by Phoenixblazer1111
  • creatures
  • mermaid
  • mermen
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My Kidnapper Compares Me To Bottom Feeders by GingyAndTheBrunette
My Kidnapper Compares Me To Morgan and Gabrielle
Previously "I Was Kidnapped By A Group Of Horny, Foreign Mermen" Blair Walsh never thought monsters were real. That is until she steps onto a creepy ring of li...
  • mythical
  • paranormal
  • creatures
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Mermen (Kim Namjoon X Reader) by NamjoonKim_Rm
Mermen (Kim Namjoon X Reader)by Koya🌻
Hi! This is my first book I've created so yeah, I hope you like It!😊😊 Y/N is a student from S-Korea School, She has a bestfriend name Sun Lee One day she met 8 handso...
  • bangtan
  • taehyung
  • yoonmin
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The Soul of Muir Éireann by SinpaiCasanova
The Soul of Muir Éireannby Queen of Salt
"Collaboration with Enterthetadpole* Book cover made by NoOneToRemember2147 ❤️ When the rarest species of Merrow is captured from his home in Muir Éireann, one man...
  • septiplier
  • mermen
  • irishsea
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Fins (Transformations: Book 2) by JessicaGraceWrites
Fins (Transformations: Book 2)by Jessica Grace
Aria discovers what it's like to have a real mermaid tail, but the deep-sea cities are not the fairytale wonders she dreamed of and she quickly finds herself falling dee...
  • mermaids
  • sirens
  • youngadult
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