Chapter Ten You will ALWAYS be safe

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Edited on 2/25/17 

Chapter Ten Izzy's Pov

    While Bree is telling me her story, I can't help but help but think that her history is much like my own. We head home. As we run through the woods, I catch the scents of seven other vampires. One is familiar.

    I feel a slight pull in that direction almost like a mating bond. Mating bond... it could be Jasper. I need to investigate.

    "Bree follow me, but stay close. There are other vampires around and I don't know if they are dangerous."

    We continue to run. We get half a mile closer and the scent I know gets stronger.

    "Momma, why are we following this scent? I don't think I'm ready to meet other vampires. I'm an immortal child," she says scared.

    "Calm down Sug. No one messes with the Goddess of War. I'm one of the most feared vampires in the world. The Volturi won't even mess with me."

     Bree rolls her eyes at me. I sure she just thinks I'm being cocky.

     We keep running. We reach the tree line and I pull Bree behind me as we break through the trees.

    Standing before me is seven golden eyed vampires in front of a huge house much like our own.  


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