Chapter Fifteen My old house

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Chapter Fifteen Bree's Pov

    Momma and Mr.Jasper leave I'm left with the Cullen's. I go and sit by Alice, the pixie looking vampire.

    "Bree do you want to play dress up with me? I know you're thirteen but you are never too old to look like a princess," Alice asks standing up.

    "I think that would be fun. I can tell you a little more about me too."

    Alice bounces up and down while squealing. I laugh at her. She reminds me of someone. Maybe it has to do with my past life.

    "Alice, calm down. You're going to jump a whole in the floor. I don't think you want Esme to kill you do you?" Carlisle asks and we all look over to Esme.

    Alice shakes her head no with a smile on her face.

    We go upstairs to Alice's room with Rose on our heels. I don't fully trust Rose yet but I'm sure in time I will.

    "So Bree, you're from Texas right?" Rose asks with a smile on her face.

    "Ya, I lived in a small ranch house just outside of Houston. It was a small three bedroom house. I think it was built in the early 1800's. It has a huge tree in the front yard that had a tree house built in it for me to escape from my mother. Before I was turned Pop's was in the process of either selling it or get the deed in my brothers name."

    I partially lied. Yes my parents were in the process of signing the deed over to my older brother and I did use it to get away from everyone. But I truly used the treehouse to practice my magic.

    I pull my phone out of my pocket and pull up the picture of my house. I hand the phone to Alice and she gasps.

    "It's a very pretty house, I feel like I've seen that tree before... hold on."

    Alice pulls out her phone and hits a number on speed dial.  

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