Chapter Twenty-Five Meeting the Vamps

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Chapter Twenty five Jacob's Pov

     Today is our first day training with the bloodsuckers. Why Sam agreed to help, I will never know. We could get killed. We don't even know the vampires we're defending.

    "Sam why are we helping the bloodsuckers?" I ask for the hundredth time through the pack link.

    "If we don't, humans will be in danger. Now let's go,we don't want to be late!" Sam yells.

    We follow the bloodsucker's scents to a huge clearing.

    "Welcome, we're glad you will help us," Carlisle says.

    "I don't want to but I will protect our land. Let's start," I think since I'm still in wolf form.

    Edward looks at me and nods his head in acknowledgement.

    "Jacob doesn't want to but will to protect Quileute territory. They're all ready to start."

    All the vampires nod and start breaking into groups.

    "Alright, the first rule when fighting a newborn is never let them get their arms around you. They will crush you instantly," Jasper explains.

   Of course we have to worry about that will all vampires, even the Cullen's.

   Edward growls at my thoughts. Everyone looks at him.

    "If you don't like what I'm thinking, stay out of my head," think to him.

    "Rule number two, never go for the easy target, they'll be expecting that and you will lose," the female we're protecting says.

    "Emmett," Jasper calls out.

    They both go to opposite ends of the field and get into fighting crouches.

    "Don't go easy on me," Jasper says.

    "Not in my nature."

    Jasper wrestles around with Emmett on the forest floor. He tries to get the upperhand but Jasper's too strong. He finally pins Emmett to the ground.

    "Never lose focus," Jasper states bored.

    He looks at the female who told us rule number two and smiles.

    Carlisle and Edward go next. Edward pins him down and looks to Jasper for approval. While he is distracted Carlisle uses it to his advantage and flips them so he is pinning Edward down and does the kill symbol.

    "One more thing, never turn your back on the enemy," another blonde haired male vampire says like it should be obvious and rolls his eyes.

    I take mental notes on the way the vampires stand. If I can figure out how they stand, I can calculate the way to attack. It seems like the stance is pretty basic. Legs bent and arms out infront of them.

    "Jacob, remember we are seasoned vampires. The newborns will be wild and less tame," the girl say.

    "How did she know what you were thinking Jake?" Seth asks through the pack link.

    "I can read minds Seth. I can also do a lot of other thing with my gifts. Seth would you mind not fighting and watch Bree? She's too inexperienced to fight with us. It would mean a lot," the girl who's name I still don't know says.

    "What is your name? You never told us," I think to her.

    She looks at me with a smirk and answers.

    "My names Izzy."

    "Of course, I did Imprint on her. I would do anything, be anything for her. A friend, a brother, a boyfriend, or a confident. I would never put her in danger like that," Seth says in the pack link.

    "Thank you Seth. I trust you, but we will talk about this whole imprinting thing later. Training over for today. Go back to La Push and practice."

    With that we back to the Rez.

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