Chapter Twenty-Seven Finding the Deserters

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    Abby's POV

    It's early morning, and troops are ready for the trip to Forks. It will take us four days to get there.

    "Maria, do you want us to kill Izzy or take her prisoner?"

    "I want her alive so I can torture her. I don't want her to die easily. I want her to suffer," Maria states sadistically.

    "Alright. Anything else I should inform the troops of?"

    "Make sure they know that they'll have to attack first. Eurus knows our battle strategy and will know better than to attack first. Let's go, you can tell the troops on the way."

    We leave camp with all sixty members of the elite team. I gather them all together and explain the plan.

    "Alright everyone, when we get to Washington and find Izzy, you are not to kill her. She may have a backup. If she does, she won't attack first so we will," I say loudly.

    "Abby, may I talk to you for a minute... in private?" Avery asks while looking over at Maria.

    I nod at her telling her yes.

    "Maria will you please the troops into Montana to hunt? We will meet you there in one day's time," I ask pleadingly.

    "Of course. Muévete rápido (Move fast). Let's go hunt," Maria calls out.

    The troops speed off. I close my eyes and pinpoint where they're at. I see the blue ribbon from Maria is out of hearing range.

    "What did you want to talk about Avery?"

    "Jasper, Peter, Charlotte, Izzy, and a coven of gold eyed vampires are going to be fighting Maria. Do you still want us to stick to the plan?"

    I look out into the distance and close my eyes. Thank god Izzy was smart enough to get together her own forces and the fact that she was able to find her mate and venom family is great. She's needed this.

    "Yes, she has her battalion to help us. Maria didn't just bring her elite group of newborns, she also brought her more seasoned newborns. We will need all the help we can get if we are going to be successful," I explain.

    "I didn't see the more seasoned vampires. I'll let the rest of our group know."

    "They are following from a distance. Don't worry, Mark has his shield around us. No one can hear us or read our minds."

    She lets out a sigh of relief and pushes her hair out of her face. She smiles at me and I pull her into my side. She turns and kisses me.

    "Good, if Izzy is I will always help," my mate says with a smile.

    "Let's go. We need to get to Montana. We don't want to send mixed signals. Don't need Maria thinking we tried to escape.

    We run to Montana. I take a scenting breath to find the rest of the group. They are in a small town about five miles from where we are.

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