Chapter Twelve Am I dreaming?

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Chapter Twelve Jasper's Pov

    As the family introduces themselves, my mind wanders. Edward asks how old Bree is and Rose screams something about an Immortal Child. That catches my attention.

    "The Volturi wouldn't dare mess with me. I'm the Goddess of fucking War! So I'd shut my mouth if I were you Rosalie!" The girl barks.

    I know the Goddess of War and she's still in Maria's army. This girl would not last ten seconds against the Goddess of War.

    "Jasper why don't you introduce yourself?" Carlisle asks.

    I move out from behind him and introduce myself.

    "Im Jasper Whitlo-" I look up and see my mate standing in front of me.

    Izzy? Wait how is this possible? Am I dreaming? No I can't I'm a vampire I can't sleep.

    I'm brought of my thoughts by my mate hugging me. I pull her close and put my head in the crook of her neck taking a deep scenting breath.

    "Izzy. How? When? Did you kill Maria? Why an Immortal Child?" I play twenty questions with her not even realizing it.

    "Jay, calm down. Everything will be explained in time."

    "Jasper, do you mind explaining to the rest of us what's going on!" Emmett yells while feeling annoyed and confused.

    "Momma who is this? I'm so confused!" Bree exclaims.

    I can't help but chuckle at how cute she is. She likes to act tough but is really a kitten instead of a lioness.

    "Sugar, com here and I'll explain," Izzy says to Bree.

    She comes and leans into Izzy's side.

    "Momma?" I ask Izzy.

    "I'll explain later. Hola Major," she says knowing that Ares would hear.

    I pull Izzy and Bree closer to me suddenly feeling protective as Edward comes closer to us. Izzy wraps one arm around me, while Bree hides her face in my legs being shorter than me.

    "Why can't I read your minds?" Edward asks.

    "Mind reader aye? Have fun trying to read Bree and my thoughts. It's not going to happen," Izzy says with a sadistic smile.

    "How about we go inside and you too can explain everything," Esme suggests.

    We all head inside, and Bree clings to Izzy. I send her waves of calm and friendliness. Her eyes turn huge while Izzy chuckles. I let out a small chuckle at her reaction as well.

    "What. Was. That?" Bree questions making sure to put emphasis on each word.

    "Sweetheart, that was Mr.Jasper's gift. He's Clairsentient," my beautiful mate explains.

    I look at everyone placed around the room. I pull Izzy on the couch with me. She pulls Bree onto her lap. The rest of the family takes a seat as well.

    "Let's get the ball rolling. Who's going to ask the first question?"     

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