Chapter Eighteen How ever many greats cont.

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Chapter Eighteen Jasper's Pov

"Wow Sug, you look gorgeous!" My beautiful mate exclaims.

"Thanks Momma. Alice and Rose helped."

Izzy and I go sit on the couch while Bree, Alice, and Rose sit on the floor.

"So Allie, what is it that you wanted to show Bree in my study?"

"If you take us up, I'll tell you," she says mischievously.

I get up off the couch and gesture for her to do the same. She get's up and pulls Bree up with her.

Okay Allie, why is it so important?"

"Bree pull that picture up on your phone. I can't tell you Jasper," she says with a smirk.

I sigh and we go upstairs to my study. What would a picture on Bree's phone have to do with my study.

I open the door and the first thing you see when you enter is a painting of the tree in the yard of the house I lived in when I was human.

Bree gasps and looks between her phone and the painting on the wall. She runs up to the painting and just stares.

"Bree, you okay?"

She hands me the phone. On the screen is a picture of my house and the tree only with a treehouse in it.

"Bree did you take this picture?"

She looks at me from across the room smiling.

"Yes, that was my house. My Momma and Pops were signing the deed over to my older brother before I was changed. I took the picture so I could always have a piece of home with me."

"SO you mean it's still standing? That was the house my Pops built in the early 1800's. That was my house. As far as I know the house has only been passed down to Whitlock's. And my bloodline ended a long time ago," I explain.

"Nope, the bloodline is still strong. My older brother will continue it. As for being passed down to Whitlock's it has. My Momma's a Whitlock. She got married to her husband who's last name is Tanner. My brother has her maiden name because he was a product of a drunken college night. He refused to change it after she got married."

I walk over to her and look her in the eyes. She comes and gives me a hug. I feel her emotions and see that she is homesick. I wrap my arms tighter around her.

"So you are my however many great's niece?"

"I guess, I really don't know much about my history. If I had the family bible I would be able to tell you," she says letting go of me.

? Person POV

What Bree said is true. With the flashbacks of her past life she keeps getting thanks to me, she doesn't know who she truly is. I just hope that in time she will be able to have all the pieces of the puzzle and she can save the supernatural world.

Jasper Pov

I can't believe I have one of my relatives right in front of me. I thought my kin died out, but I was wrong. I have living proof right in front of me.

"Jay, I can't believe that she is related to us!" Ares exclaims.

I feel Rage wake up in his cage in my mind.

"She wants us to be her father," Rage states.

"What are you talking about Rage?" Ares asks.

"Bree is daughter to us. Must protect Immortal Child!" Rage screams.

"Rage screaming is not necessary. We are right here. You're are going to give me a headache," I say while Ares nods in agreement.

"Jay come back to the real world and stop talkin' to your other selves," Izzy says sternly.

"Sorry Ares and Rage dragged me into their conversation."

Bree looks at Izzy and I confused.

"Alright I'm confused again. Who is Rage and Ares?"

"They are my alter ego's. Being in the vampire wars caused a split in my mind so Ares was formed to protect me from Maria's torture. Rage is my beast. We all have one, mines just more active than most. Your beast comes out when you feed. Rage runs completely on instinct."

I feel Bree's confusion turn to awe. I check the rest of her emotions when I feel something that doesn't seem right. She feels happy, sad, shy, and still slightly confused.

"Bree why are you sad?" I ask softly in what I hope is a friendly manner.

"I don't know. I've been feeling like this for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it feels like I'm missing a part of me that makes me... me," she explains solemnly

I go over to the couch in my study and motion for the others to leave the room except for Bree and Izzy. I point at Bree and pat the seat next to me. She walks over and sits down. She leans into my side and I wrap an arm around her shoulders. Izzy sits down on the recliner across from the leather couch Bree and I are sitting on.

"Do you want to talk about what sent you into a slight depression?"

She sighs and answers, "If you think it will help. It would feel nice not to feel like I need to do harm to myself to get a release from my pain."

I look at her with calculating eyes. I lightly grab her wrist and slide the sleeve up a bit.

"You used to cut?"

She looks down at her lap. I lift her chin up to look at me and send some peaceful waves into the room.

"Ya, it was a form of pain release. I have a lot more scars than you can see. I had other harmful things done to me as well," she says.

I feel a twinge of a lie after the first part of her story, but I let it go knowing she would tell one of us the truth at some point.

Bree takes off her sweater that is on top of her dress. She has hundreds of little white lines running across her wrists and upper arms.

"The other little scars ar from a dog bite. Like I told Momma, I would do anything to get rid of the emotional pain. All of this started because I was bullied and harassed by fellow classmates and "friends" That's how I got the dog bites. I was trying to get away from them," she whispers.

Again I feel the lie.

By now the rest of the family is in the room. Esme and Rose give her a hug. After they let go, I lean in to whisper in her ear.

"You can't lie to an empath darling. I know you may not fully trust me, but you can tell me anything."

Rage rubles a soothing growl. I take down a few of the walls around him and myself. His soothing growls soon start to emit from me. Bree wraps her arms around me and relaxes.

Bree whisper under her breath and I hear a human heartbeat that is two fast for a human. I look down at Bree and she gives me a shy smile.

"I think I know what my gift is!" She exclaims.

Once more I feel the lie. I think I know what is going on. She's part witch. I haven't talked to a witch since Emily back when I was still human. It shouldn't have to be possible for Bree to be both vampire and witch. That could leave to trouble later on.

"What do you think it is?" Carlisle asks.

"I can change my appearance to see human. I was just thinking about being human life and my heart started to beat.

"Or she whispered a spell." I think.

"Your eyes changed color too. Now they are a beautiful chocolate brown," I say.

"I wonder if I can eat human food while I'm like this," Bree thinks out loud.

"Why not give it try. I think I have an energy bar or crackers in my medical bag," Carlisle says.

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