Chapter Twenty-Nine What the hell?

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Chapter twenty nine Izzy's Pov

    That bitch. She knew Elena was like a daughter to me. That's why I helped her to escape. Eurus keeps trying to escape her cage the more Maria talks.

    "Eurus calm! We can't attack first, that's what she wants!" I yell in my head.

    "Izzy how are you handling this so well? I just want to rip her fucking head off," she whines.

    "Patience young grasshopper. The time will come but right now we need to concentrate."

    Eurus sighs in her place in my mind palace.

    "Ask Abby why she betrayed us. I must know, if I don't nothing will keep me from killing her," Eurus states sadly.

    I look over at Abby discreetly getting her attention. I point at my head a then at her. Letting her know I'm going to talk to her mentally.

    "Abby why? Why are you doing this? Why would you betray my love and trust in you? I think of you as my younger sister."

    "Izzy trust me on this. I'm not betraying you," she thinks back with a sigh.

    I'm brought out of my mental conversation with Jasper rubbing my arm. He must have felt my emotions. I lean into him slightly and give him a quick kiss.

    "You okay darlin'? You seemed spaced out," he asks with concern.

    "I'm fine. I was just having a mental conversation with Abby," I say while looking over at Edward who heard everything.

    I look back over at Maria who is smirking seeing that we are outnumbered. I let my own grin come on to my face knowing that we have an advantage. She and the rest of her group believe that shifters are nothing but a myth. She won't see it coming and it will give the newborns a distraction.

    "You know Maria most of us are extremely gifted and four of us were trained by you. We are just as strong as your army. We will fight and you will die," I threaten.

    Maria flicks her wrist and her older vampires attack. As soon as they come at us the pack jumps out of the woods to help us. I notice that Abby, Emma, and the elite group of vampires are helping fight off the seasoned vampires. I look at Abby and Emma quickly and mouth thank you.

    All around us is the sound of metal hitting metal. The seasoned vampires dwindle down to only a few. I feel Eurus push her way to the forefront before everything goes dark.

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