Chapter Twenty-Eight My Major!

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Chapter twenty eight Maria's Pov

    Avery asks to talk to Abby in private. I wonder what she wants to talk about. Maybe she saw something that can hurt our battle plan. I'll just have to ask her when they return to the group.


    We all get to Seattle. That means Abby and her elite troop of Newborns, some of my seasoned vampires, and the extremely gifted vampires.

    "Abby, where is she?" I bark out my demand.

    "She's in Forks. We will follow her scent. It shouldn't be too hard to find her there."

    "Good the sooner the better. I'm tired of all her games! She's been nothing but trouble since Jasper escaped," I mutter.

    We runt to Forks. I find Izzy's scent along with others.

    I pick up speed. The rest of the army follows. The scent leads us through the woods and into a huge clearing. In it stands seven golden eyed vampires and my past Captain and Lieutenant. I take a closer look and in the middle of the group is MY major.

    "Hola Jasper, Peter, Charlotte, Izzy, and friends," I say venomously.

    "Hola Mistress Maria. To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?" Izzy asks sarcastically.

    "You know exactly why I'm here. You ran... escaped. You know what the punishment is. You've been with me long enough. You remember that friend you let go? What was her name?" I say waiting for an answer.

    "Elena, you did the same thing to Elena" she gasped out barely containing her rage.

    "Yes, I sent Luca's group out to do it," I snarl out.

    "You bitch. I remember that. You had me in the torture chambers at that time. Abby had told me a group went out to hunt."

    "Si, I killed her just like I will do with you!"

    I laugh evilly. 

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