Chapter Four Bree wakes up

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Chapter four Bree's Pov

    Fire that's all I feel. A constant burn, I know I should scream, but I feel it's just better to keep quiet. I don't want to anger whoever is around.

    I don't know how long this fire has been burning my flesh, I do know that I should be a pile of ashes by now.

    The last thing I remember was a really pretty lady saying her name, something about an army, and that I should obey someone. I then remember feeling like I was being carried. I was put down on something soft. Anything after that was a blur.

    I whimper in pain every now and then. The pain moves to my finger tips and the tips of my toes.

   "I'll be back Sugar, I'm going to get some stuff for when you wake. You only have two days left and then the pain will be gone."

    The woman's voice sounded like tinkling bells.

    I wanted to say okay but the only thing that comes out is a whimper.

    I feel a presence with me for a very long time after the woman gets back. I guess that she's watching over me.

    The fire leaves my toes and fingers only for the pain and heat to move directly to my heart. The sound of my heart beat gets faster and louder till it sounds like only one beat.

    I hear sounds that I wasn't able to hear before. I hear the birds and a bubbling stream that's near by.

    My heart gives one final beat and the heat leaves my body completely. I open my eyes and look around.

    Everything is so clear, like there was a film covering them before. I can see colors I didn't even know existed. I look to my right only to see the girl that found me. I get into a defensive crouch not sure if I can trust her or not.

    "Who are you?" I cover my mouth, my voice sounds like tinkling bells.

    "My name is Izzy, do you want to know what you are?" She asks.

    "Yes please."

    "Okay, Bree you are a vampire."

    "A what? How is that possible? They don't exist!" I yell.

    "Bree calm down, there's nothing to be afraid of. How's your throat?" She questions.

    "My throat?" She nods.

    "Well it burns a little, but it's nothing I can't handle," I say.

    "Okay, you are one awesome newborn. Here this will help with the burn."

    I chuckle at her. She hands me a silver travel mug. I take the lid off and drink it. It tastes really good and stops the burn in my throat.

    "Thank you for the blood. Where are we?"

    "We are in an old house in Montana. We will be heading to Forks, Washington in a day or two.

    I nod chuckling at the name of where we will be going. Who names a city after an eating utensil.

    "Okay, can I go outside? I need to see the sun. I feel like it's been years."

    She laughs and her eyes sparkle a little more.

    "Sure, I'll come with you."

   We go outside. My skin sparkles like little diamonds.

    I feel like my life could get better and be amazing. 

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