Chapter Thirty Let's end this

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    It's time to fight. I signal to Ares and Captain that it's time to attack.

    "Ares, Captain, let's help but don't hurt Abby or Emma. Everyone else must be destroyed whether they are helping us or not. They've been trained to kill and that's all they know. I will take down Maria," I say mentally.

    "Got it. Stick to the plan. Captain you and Char take down the older Newborns with the Cullen's and wolf pack. I'll take down the elite group other than Abby and Emma. Izzy will get Maria," Ares states loud enough so that the Cullen's hear.

    I run past several Newborns. One of them try to take my arm off. I flip the female Newborn over my head and bite a chunk of her pale neck off. Her head falls to the ground and I through her body into a nearby fire. I scan the surrounding area for Maria.

    I feel searing pain in my left arm. I hiss out in pain from the bite. Ares looks over to make sure I'm okay. While doing so I see that several Newborns are coming towards me.

    I go through my gifts till I find the one that allows me to control the element of fire.

    I feel the heat course through my body. I picture the flames moving my hands. My palms glow a soft orange and the flames move from my fingers hitting and turn the three vampires to ash.

    I hear one of the Cullen's most likely Esme, gasp. While the other four Newborns are distracted I run over to Maria.

    "Looks like it's just you and me. How do ya feel about your elite group switchin' sides? I thought you knew your army inside and out," I sneer.

    "Well Eurus, you know better than anyone there are traders in every army. Now this will be a fair fight. Neither of us can use our powers. Am I clear?"

    "Crystal. It's about time you die."

    Maria runs at me. I jump over her and kick her legs out from under her.

    She may be a warlord, but she has never actually participated in a fight. I pin her down and pull her left arm behind her back and press down lightly.

    "Ya give up?" I ask while scanning my surroundings.

    "Not yet. I do know how to get out of this position puta!"

    "Sure you do. Now let's see here. I never shook your hand to agree to not use my gifts. I think I'll use Jane Volturi's power on you. This my hurt a little!"

    Maria screams bloody murder. I watch as she flops like a fish out of water.

    I feel rather than see Ares approach me.

    "Eurus enough. We can both take her down, but I want her to feel physical pain instead of the mental," he says barely containing his excitement.

    "Alright, alright. I'll let the pain go away on one condition Maria; you can't un. If you don't think you can handle that, I will continue with the mental pain till you're too weak to move."

    She whimpers in pain. I look over at Ares. he nods his approval and I release Maria from my power.

    Ares goes and rips her arms off. He glances at me with a look that says go ahead.

    I smile and stalk towards her. I smile when I see the fear in her bright crimson red eyes.I strike faster than a cobra and take her head off. Ares takes out a lighter out and burns each individual finger while Maria screams in pain.

    While we continue to burn the rest of her body, I take Maria's head and bury it. It is known that the head of a vampire can live for many years without it's body.

    My fun is over so I let Izzy take control once again.It's time to fight. I signal to Ares and Captain that it's time to attack.


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