Chapter Two Family Sparring

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Edited on 2/13/17 

     Today I decided that I would to spar with my family. I need to keep my mind off of Izzy today, so sparring is the perfect way to avoid it/her.

    Today's the anniversary of leaving her in the clutches of Maria. I should have never left her there alone but she wouldn't take no for an answer.

    I go to the meeting room or to humans the dining room before calling a family meeting. Before I call everyone in, Alice yells, "Family meeting now!"

    I chuckle at her antics. Alice is my best friend and confident. She helped my through the depression I was in after leaving the army.

    "Jasper, I assume you called this meeting?" Carlisle asks while walking in with the rest of the family.

    "Yes, I called a family meeting because you all need to learn how to fight without your gifts," I stop to look at the other two people in our family that have gifts.

    "You need to learn that your gifts won't work on everyone. I'm sure you have heard there once was a vampire with the power of a shield. No one's gift could work on her," I explain.

    "Do the rest of us need to learn to fight?" Emmett asks looking like a lost puppy.

    "Yes. Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, and Rose, you will learn more ways to protect yourselves than you do now. Vampires are vicious creatures, trust me I know."

    I look down at the crescent shaped bite marks on my arms and wrists.

    "Now I know what my vision was about," the little pixie AKA Alice says.

    "Everyone to the clearing now. Today we will go over hand to hand combat against a vampire."

    We all head to the large clearing we use to play baseball when we get a storm.

    Along the way my mind drifts to Izzy. I want to know if she's okay. I know she's alive because I can feel the mating bond still. It may be weak but it's still there. I let my mind wander to when I woke up as a vampire.

    It was the first day after my change, I'm not sure what year or day it was. In the corner of the room, I saw someone or something move. My instincts took over and I got into a fighting stance.

    "Calm down, I won't hurt you. I'm only here to tell you what you are and feed you," a female had said.

    "My name is Izzy and I am your fighting trainer," she told her voice sounding like tinkling bells.

    "What am I and why does my throat burn?"

    "Ah, I was waiting for that question. You're a vampire, and you need to feed. Don't worry it's not bad. The first times the worst," she said bringing in an elderly woman.

    I don't know what happened, I charged at her and snapped her neck. I then latched on and drained her of her sweet, delicious, warm blood. As soon as I finished, I went crazy.

    "Why do I feel confusion, pain, fear, and realization? Those aren't my emotions!" I yelled freaked out.

    She looked at and smiled her pearly white teeth showing.

    "I guess we know what your gift is," she said beaming.

    I tilted my head to the side looking at her with confusion.

    "Some vampires have special abilities. Your are Clairsentient. I am a copycat. That means I can copy any gift and use it as my own."

    She then took me to meet my leader and sire.

    I'm brought of my thoughts by Carlisle shaking me.

    "Jasper? Jasper, are you alright?" he asks concern dripping from every word.

    I look at him with an apologetic look. I walk while answering him.

    "Ya. I'm fine, I got lost in my thoughts. What happened?"

    "You stopped running and broke down. What was in your thoughts? You were projecting sad emotions," he explains.

    "I'm fine. Sorry for projecting. The flashback was something I wish wouldn't happen, especially today."

    He puts his hand on my shoulder and looks me in the eyes trying to see anything that would say otherwise.

    "Okay. Are you ready to train?"

    I nod my head in answer.

    "Alright everyone let's start. I'm going to break ya'll into pairs. I want Alice with Esme, Carlisle with Emmett, and Rose with Edward," I explain giving everyone a partner.

    Everyone goes and gets into a section of the field.

    "We are starting with the basics. Edward come at me."

    Edward charges for me without a second thought. I move out of the way before he gets his hands on me.

   "Stupid move. Has he ever fought before?" My "Major" side or Ares asks and rattle on his cage in my mind.

I ignore him focusing on Edward.

"Really Eddie boy, I thought you knew better than to just charge," I deadpan.

He looks at me frustrated. He get's down in a hunting stance. It's not perfect, a bit sloppy like a newborn vampire. All of the Cullen's essentially are newborns other than having control of their emotions and hunting.

"At least he knows somethin' about fightin'. You should attack first Jay," Ares says to me.

"I will Aries. I want to see what happens when he gets frustrated," I respond.

Edward continues to attack me with no luck. Getting fed up, I send him to practice with Rose.

"Edward, go sparr with Rose."

He walks over to where Rose has been observing us. She gets in a crouch and attacks him. I watch for a few moments before I talk to Aries.

Aries and I start an inwardly conversation while we evaluate everyone and give tips to the family. They are slowly getting better. They are much easier to train than baby vampires.

"How are you holding up Jay?" he asks with a light hearted voice, as to not upset me.

"I don't know Ares, it's hard. I miss Izzy. All I want is for her to be here with me, safe, and out of Maria's clutches. I want her in my arms again."

I sit down on the rock on the other end of the field, running my hand through my hair. A nervous habit I kept from when I was human.

"What about you Ares? I know this is hard for both Rage and you."

When I say Rage's name, he makes himself known by letting out a soft whimper filled with pain and agony.

"I know how you feel Jay. I know what you mean by having HER here." 

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