Chapter Twenty This is War

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Chapter Twenty Maria's Pov

"Mark!" I scream after ten minutes and Izzy still hasn't shown up.

"Yes Mistress? How can I be of assistance?"

"You did go and tell Izzy I wanted to see her, right?"

"Si. She said she would come see you. I don't know what she was doing," Mark says submissively.

"I'm going to her quarters to see what she's up to," I say walking away.

I run to Izzy's quarters. The doors are always unlocked to get in if needed. I open the wooden door. She's not in the main room. Where else could she be? I walk past the mantle and see paintings of with Jasper in a lot of them.

I search every inch of the building and don't find her. Where the hell is she? She better count her lucky stars I can't find her. If... when I find her, I will torture her slowly before I kill her.

Maybe Abby can track her.

I leave Izzy's quarters and go in search of Abby. She should be in the training center.

I reach the center and go to the observation deck as as to not disturb her until she is done.

Abby is sparring with a Newborn. The Newborn is quick, but not as quick as Abby. The Newborn charges at her but doesn't get very far because she kicks him in the chest and sends him flying into the wall.

"Abby, I need you to track Izzy. I think she may have tried to escape."

"Of course Mistress. If anyone can find her it would be me," she says politely.

Abby's eyes glaze over as she tries to pinpoint where Izzy is.

"I think she's in Seattle or a small town near it!"

"Oh when I get my hands on that Puta she will wish she never left. Is that young girl... Bree with her?"

"I believe so Mistress. Do you want me to gather the troops?"

"Si, have them ready we leave tomorrow," I say and leave Abby with her plans.

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