Chapter Eleven New Friends

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Chapter Eleven Carlisle Pov

    Esme and I get back from hunting. When we get to the house, I see a very stressed looking Jasper.

    "Jasper, what's wrong?" I ask calmly.

    "Family meeting now. I'll explain when everyone is in the room," Jasper says walking back into the house.

    I head to the meeting room with Esme and Jasper. I take my seat at the head of the table. Esme sits to my left, Jasper on my right, Alice next to Jasper, Edward on the other end, and Emmett and Rose next to Esme.

    "Alright Jasper, the floor is yours."

    He gets up from his seat and starts to pace.

    "On my way home from hunting, I picked up on two vampire scents. One of them is familiar to me. I'm not sure who they are or if they are dangerous. They may have followed me as well."

    "Okay, that is definitely important. Alice have you seen anything?" I ask my pixi of a daughter.

    Alice looks at me with a frustrated look. She sighs with anger.

    "No! It's really frustrating too. The picture blurry."

    Emmett looks at all of us are stupid.

     "I have a plan, we can just wait outside to see who it is. Jasper said one of the scents is familiar. So they may not be dangerous," he suggest.

    Everyone looks at him like he is God.

    "That's a good idea. Who know it may be important," I say being the diplomat I am.

    We head outside and wait. I hear a faint voice that seems to still be a mile away say, "Bree stay close."

    Then I hear footfalls get closer. The family gets in defensive stances except Jasper and myself. Jasper migrate behind me. Why I'm not sure.

    No more than a minute later, two females come out of the woods.

    The leader, I guess looks to be around eighteen. The other girl I guess is Bree looks to be twelve.  An Immortal Child. My family hisses. I put up my hand to stop them.

    "Hello my name is Carlisle and this is my family. Can I help you?"

    "My names Izzy and this is Bree. We just moved here and I caught ya'lls scents."

    I give her a friendly smile looking at my wife seeing she is doing the same.

    "Nice to meet you Izzy, Bree. Let me introduce you to my family. This mate and Esme," I say putting my arm around Esme's waist.

    "It's nice to meet you girls," she says smiling. She tries to look less threatening as she looks at Bree.

    Alice comes out from behind Jasper.

    "I'm Alice and we are going to be great friends," she says excitedly.

    "I'm Emmett and this is my mate Rosalie," Emmett says pointing at Rose.

    Edward is the last to introduce himself. He looks at both the girls with calculating eyes.

    "It's nice to meet you Izzy. My names Edward. If you don't mind me asking, how old are you Bree?"

    "Um... Um... I'm thirteen," Bree says nervously.

    "Immortal Child! If the Volturi find out we're all dead. You get that thing out of here!" Rose screams stepping closer to them.

    Izzy gets in a protective stance in front of Bree. Bree goes into shock. I try to walk closer to Bree to help her but Izzy gets in front of me.

    The Volturi wouldn't dare mess with me. I'm the Goddess of fucking War! So I'd shut my mouth if I were you Rosalie!" Izzy barks.

    "We mean no harm. Jasper why don't you introduce yourself?"

    I look at Izzy trying to convince her to let me help Bree. Bree looks at me whispering in Latin. She frowns realizing something.

    Jasper comes out from behind me.

    "I'm Jasper Whitlo-" he freezes in the middle of his last name.

    Without warning Jasper and Izzy are hugging.  

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