Chapter Seventeen How ever many great Uncle

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Chapter Seventeen Bree Pov

    "Alice, what do you want to show me in Mr.Jasper's study?"

    "You'll find out soon enough Bree," she says with a knowing look.

    Rose get's up off of Alice's bed where she has been sitting since the phone call.

    "Let's play dress up hmm?" Rose suggests.

    Rose and Alice go to the closet looking for something for me to wear. While they look for clothing I plug in the curling iron.

    I think of some spells I want to try now that m powers are back. I quietly whisper a spell to change my appearance. Looking in the mirror, I see that it worked.

    I change my appearance back before Alice and rose can see.

    "Here Bree, put this on," Alice says.

    She hands me a white sweater that has a black bow near the neck, blue jeans, and a pair of tan combat style boots.

    I put on the sweater, jeans, and boots. I stand up and look in the mirror. Alice then applies light makeup and curls my hair. Rose goes to her room and comes back with a key necklace. She comes up behind my and moves my hair out of the way so she can clip the necklace in place.

    "You look absolutely beautiful!" Rose gushes.

    Alice takes my hand and drags me down the stairs and to the kitchen where everyone is sitting at the kitchen table.

    "Wow look at you. You look like you belong on the cover of a magazine.!" Esme exclaims.

    "How long ago were you changed Bree? You seem very tame for a newborn," Carlisle questions.

    Why this question was asked before is beyond me.

    "A little more than a week ago, why?"

    "Have you been around humans yet?"

    I look at Carlisle with why are you asking this look.

    "Ya, I went to the mall three days after my change. If you're worried about my control, don't be. I'm much more controlled than a newborn and an Immortal child. Or at least what Momma says."

    Emmett jumps up from his seat and gives me a high five.

    "Wow, you are one badass vampire," Emmett all but yells.

    Rose whacks him in the back of the head hard. He whimpers in pain and I laugh.

    "Ow. Rosie what was that for?" Emmett asks.

    "Emmett she's thirteen. She doesn't need to be called a badass!" Rose exclaims.

    "You seem like you skipped your newborn year. I've never known a vampire with this much control," Carlisle states looking at me with calculating eyes.

    Momma and Mr.Jasper come into the room smiling at each other.

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