chapter Thirty-One Aftermath

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Chapter thirty one Izzy's Pov

    The battle is over. I run back to the clearing to count our wounded.

     "Izzy!" Jasper calls out.

    I run over to him and he takes me in his arms looking me over to check for injuries. I give him a sweet kiss before letting him continue to look me over. When he finds a wound he growls and licks it closed Each time he does this I whimper in pain. He finsihes cleaning my wounds and I clean his.

    I look at the others and see what damage was done to the others.

    I see that the Cullen's are fine. The most they got were a few bites. I look over at Pete and Char. Peter is re-attaching one of Char's arms.

    "We did it. I'm surprised we didn't have more injuries. Now I want all of you to go and hunt. Feeding will help you heal faster," I say.

    The Cullen's, Pete, and Char take off.

    I look at Abby who has her eyes down casted.

    "Abby, thank you so much for defending us in this battle. That was a real risky thing to do."

    "Don't worry about it Izzy. I have been planning this attack for months now. I was just waitin' for the right time," she says.

    "Really? Well we will finish this conversation later. I have to go get Bree from La Push. Why don't you go hunt with Jasper."

    "Okay Izzy."

    "Jay, I'm going to get Bree from the Rez. Take Abby hunting. I'll meet ya'll at the Cullen's place," I say softly.

    He looks at me and smiles before pulling me into his side.

    "Be safe. Make sure you call out to Sam before you cross the treaty line. They wolves will attack if you don't."

    I nod my head and pull him close to me kissing him on his lips. He deepens the kiss. I pull away and he gives me a smile.

    I run through the dense amount of oak trees and jump over a crystal clear stream. I reach the treaty line.

    "Sam I'm coming over the treaty line. Please keep the pack from attacking," I say mentally using one of my gifts.

    "Okay, Bree's at Emily and I's house. Seth and her are watching movies upstairs," he thinks back.

    "Thank you Sam. I think we need to talk about the treaty soon," I think and cross the imaginary line.

    "Agreed. See you at Em's place."

    I run through the twisted paths of the woods. I slow to a jog when I reach the driveway. Out of nowhere Bree is running at me. She pulls me into a hug. I run my fingers through her hair.

    "Momma! Is everyone okay?"

    "Yes baby, everyone is fine. Did you have fun with Seth?" I ask.

    "Ya, I had a lot of fun. Can Seth come over to our house for a while?" She squeals.

    I look into her red eyes that shine bright with hope.

    "Sure if it's okay with Seth's mom and if Sam doesn't have anything for him do."

    She leads me into Emily's house. The house has the whole pack in it. This must be the pack house.

    "Hiya Izzy, come meet everyone," Seth says cheerily.

    He pulls me further into the room. I laugh at his antics. Seth takes Bree and I into the family room. There's a couch, two cheers, and some beanbags.

    In the room is six guys and two girls. The boys are watching a baseball game and the girls are talking quietly about something.

    "Seth, why do I another bloodsucker in here?" One of the pack members I don't know asks without taking his eyes off the tv.

    "Why don't ya take your eyes off the TV and look at us?" I ask sarcastically.

    The boy jumps up and growls at me. Ya, like I'm really scared of him.

    "What are you doing over the treaty line?" The boy yells.

    Sam stands up and looks him in the eyes.

    "Jared calm down Now. This is Izzy Whitlock. Bree's adoptive mother," Sam states nonchalantly.

    By now all eyes are on Bree, Seth, and myself.

    "Sorry, I didn't know you were Bree's mom," Jared says rubbing necks.

    "All's good. No venom spilled," I reply with a smile.

    Sam grabs, who I assume is Emily and pulls her over to me.

    "Izzy, this is my fiancee Emily."

    I put my hand out for Emily to shake but she pulls me into a hug instead.

    "Hello Emily. It's nice to meet you. I assume Bree didn't cause any trouble while I was gone."

    "It's nice to meet you too. Bree is such a lovely girl. She caused no trouble at all. Her and Seth had a Disney movie marathon," Emily says.

    Seth blushes and Bree hides her face in his chest. Emily and I smile.

    "That's good. Seth do you think you could come over to the Cullen's place for a little bit?"

    "Ya, I'm free. I would love to," he says and grabs Bree's hand.

    The run outside. I turn to leave but Sam stops me.

    "When are you free to talk?"

    "I'm free tomorrow. Where do you want to meet?" I ask.

    "At your house?"

    I look at him and nod. He curtly nods his head as well.

    "That's fine. I better go before Bree and Seth rip me to shreds, literally."

    Sam laughs and I give Emily a hug before running out of the house. I go and find Bree and Seth.

    The two of them are running around the yard. Suddenly Seth changes into a wolf and Bree looks at him in amazement. She pets his fur and giggles.

    "I like you as a wolf," she states.

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