Chapter Twenty-Four Eurus takes charge

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Finally I can have control. Izzy thinks she can handle this but she can't.

I open my eyes and hear gasps from everyone but Jasper.

"Major, it's time to plan battle strategies. Knowing Maria and Abigail, they will be bringing their best fighters," I say completely ignoring the Cullen's stares.

Jasper straightens up and his eyes turn the same color as mine, pitch black. Finally Ares joins us.

"Good to know that you have a god side to you as well. How long ago did you appear?" Ares asks.

"After you left and Izzy was stuck in the torture chambers for months on end. I had full control of her for nearly fifty years," I explain.

He whimpers in pain hearing this. I let out a sigh and tap my wrist like I'm wearing a watch.

"If I know Maria like I do, I know she will want us to attack first. She likes her opponents to start the fight," Ares' states almost bored.

I look at him and move closer towards him feeling the need to resultify our mating marks. He pulls me into to his side and whispers later.

"I think we should cause her to attack first. That way while she's distracted making sure the Newborns do what they should we go after her and rip her annoying head off her body."

"That means the Cullen's have to fight too. We could also ask the La Push wolves to fight with us. It would give us the numbers and and the Newborns wouldn't even know they exist which would also gives us the surprise factor," Ares says looking at Carlisle.

He has a good point if we can get the wolves to help it would give us the numbers and less of a chance of losing family and friends.

"Are ya just goin' to plan everything without me?" Peter's voice asks.

"Captain, when did you get here? Why didn't I feel your presence?" I bark out.

The Cullen's all flinch and Peter get's into Captain mode.

"Sorry Eurus, you two were so caught up in battle strategies you didn't hear me come in."
I sigh once more. I should have realized let my guard down. It probably has to do with me being with my mate once more.

"What do you know? We need all the information we can get," I say.

"You have about three days train and be in the clearing," he states.

"Anything else Peter? Do you know how many she's brinin'? What is she going to do when she see's two of her past Majors, her Captain, and Lieutenant? Is Abby the one leading the group?" I ask annoyed with the cryptic idiot.

"I can't tell you Eurus. My knower ain't tellin' me anything. Just trust me okay?"

"Fine but if you keep anything important from me, I will punish you. Now back to battle strategies. Ares' what else do you got?"

"Wait, I think I speak for my whole family on this, why is Maria after you and where is Charlotte? Will we be fighting with you?" Carlisle asks.

If this wasn't so important I would hit him for interrupting me, but since is a life or death situation I won't do anything.

"To answer your questions, A: I escaped her army. B: She is most likely hunting or runnin' the perimeter. C: Yes, you will be fighting with us. We need the numbers if we are goin' to win. We will also need to talk to the wolves. Does that answer all of your questions."

Carlisle nods his head. We need to be perfect so questions are good. I'm not sure if Carlisle is a good leader or not, but he is asking all the right questions. As for the rest of the coven, they seem like they are followers and not leaders.

"Good, if anyone else has questions while we're explainin' please ask. I would rather have a million questions and a great troup than no questions and an unprepared troop. So Ares, what's the plan?"

"The plan is that we will wait for her to make the first move. We both know Maria likes her opponents to strike first, but since you are the one she's after, she knows that she will have to attack first," he says in a military fashion.

"Peter, we are goin' to need ya to help train these untrained vampires. Now where is your wife?" I demand.

"Okay Eurus, and she is runnin' the perimeter. She should be back soon."

"Good cause we need to start trainin'. We only have a week. Call Char and tell her to follow our scents to the clearin'."

I look over at Bree with a stern expression. That makes her in turn look at me confused.

"Bree, you are not goin' to fight with us. I don't want you to get hurt. If the wolves allow it you will be staying on the Rez with them," I explain. I may not like the child, but she means a lot to Izzy and I can't have her getting hurt.

"I want to help. If Maria thinks she can hurt my family she will have to go through me!" She yells.

I notice a spark in her eyes I haven't seen before.

"Bree trust me, I wish you could help, but it's too dangerous. We won't be able to thrain you enough to be able to take on other Newborns," Peter says.

She let's her shoulders slump and lets out a sigh.

"Fine, but I'm not happy about this."

Peter goes and calls Char. I feel Izzy stir from where she was sleeping in our mind space.

"Izzy, Peter and Charlotte arrived a little while ago. You can join me up front but you can't take full control."

"Just be careful, we don't need to slaughter all of Forks!" Izzys states harshly.

Izzy moves forward in our shared mindspace. I feel beast stir as well.

"Where'd Izzy go? She was here a moment ago!" Beast exclaims.

"Beast calm down. I'm with Izzy in the forefront."

"Come back, I'm lonely," Beast says relieved.

Izzy, join us back in the real world. What happened? Why did you feel scared and lonely?" Jay asks.

"I'm Eurus and Izzy and I were arguin' about her joinin' me in the forefront of our mind space. Then she moved up with me and our beast noticed and got scared when she couldn't feel Izzy anymore. She got lonely when Izzy told her she was fine."

"Okay," Jay says still confused.

"Everyone to the clearin' NOW. We have less than a week to be prepared. I'll contact the pack tomorrow," I tell the group.


Everyone is training. Peter and Char are teaching a group that has never been in a fight before. Jasper's training the group that has been in more than one fight, and I'm the referee.

I point out mistakes the groups make and show them what they should do. Jasper called the wolves this morning and they have agreed the help; only because they are preventing the loss of human life.

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