Chapter Three Waiting for the change to be over

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Chapter three Izzy's Pov

    I run with Bree in my arms all the way to Montana where I find a vacant house to use till Bree's change is over.

    I take Bree inside and put her in a twin sized bed with bright blue sheets. The room is painted a soft white.

    Bree is very quiet even though she is going through her change. She whimpers every now and then, but has not screamed like everyone else I've changed. The pain she is in now will make her beg for death, yet she stays silent. She's strong I'll give her that.

    I stay with her for a few more minutes then go and explore the rest of the house.

   The walls are a soft white and have fully furnished rooms. The best part is that the house is in the middle of nowhere, so I don't have to worry about Bree going on a killing spree after she wakes up.

    After I finish looking around the place, I decide it would be a good time to go hunting and bring blood for when Bree wakes up from her personal hell.

    I go into Bree's room and whisper, "I'll be back Sugar, I'm going to get some stuff for when you wake. You only have two days left and the pain will be gone. I promise."

    I leave the house and run through the woods. I don't stop till I get to a small town east of our temporary home.

    There's a difference between myself and other vampires, I only feed on the scum and terminally ill. Most vampires feed on anyone they can find. A lot of the time women and children.

   I jump onto a building and wait. About fifteen minutes later, I hear two men and what looks like a twenty year old girl. I wait to make my move. When the women screams I attack.

    I jump off the building I'm on and with my gift I distract the girl while I take the two men. I kill the first one enjoying the thrist quenching nectar. I kill the second one and put the blood into a thermos.

   "Maybe we should get some clean blood too. It will sustain Bree longer," Eurus my "Major" side says.

    Eurus means an East wind that will lead to great destruction.

    "I was thinking the same thing," I respond mentally.

    Eurus is my alter ego. She was created by Maria by accident, but once she found out, she learned to harness that power. Eurus was created to protect me from Maria's torture after Jasper escaped.

    Maria was furious with me for letting three of her best fighters escape. She had taken me to the torture chambers and removed my limbs one by one. She had starved me for weeks on end until it came to a point where I would slaughter an entire city or village.

    That was the breaking point for me, my mind split in half. It took many years for Eurus to let me take control again. I'm still not completely healed. The only one that can heal me is Jasper.

    "Stop thinking about that Izzy! You're driving me insane. I don't need to be reminded.," Eurus says with malice.

    "Sorry it's hard to forget. She doesn't deserve to be alive," I say with bitterness.

   "I understand ya there. I agree that Maria is a little wench."

    After our inward conversation, I go and find a very sick woman. Once I find one, I snap her neck and drain her blood into another thermos.

     I like to keep the pain of my victims to a minimum. I set her house on fire so it looks like a normal house fire.

    After I collect enough blood I run back to Bree.

                                                                                             ~ ~ ~

    I'm sitting in the room with Bree. She's almost done with her change.She hadn't done much whimper during the second day. Her whimpering gets a little louder as her heart speeds up.

   Her heart beats once thump, twice thump, three times thump. Then there's nothing.

   Her eyes flutter open and she sits up. She gets into a defensive crouch. Not knowing who I am other than the person who bit her.  

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