Chapter Nine Hunting

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Chapter Nine Bree's Pov

    I go to the car and get my bags and go upstairs. There are several rooms that I like. I got to the bigger room on the North side of the house. I choose the room with a study. I can practice my magic here... if I still have it.

    I unpack all my clothes and a few of my personal items like my grandmother's grimoire. I'm going to need to find a magic shop or local witch. I really need to get to my grandmother's house but that's on the side of the world.

    I leave my new room and explore the rest of the house. I walk into a room that has a tv and a few gaming consoles. I guess this is called a game room.

    I then go and check out the kitchen. We only need it for show since neither of us can eat human food. It has a rustic theme to it. The island has a tree growing through it.

    The last place I go is the family room. It has a fireplace, couches, a huge tv, and other items I've never seen. This is house is more of a mansion rather than a house. It's a lot different than my home in Texas.

    My home in Texas was a small ranch house. I lived with my Momma and Pops. My mother always acted like a true southern woman. She would cook and clean while Pops was out in the pastures. I would help my Momma cook and clean.

    My family didn't really adapt to the modern age. We live in a part of Texas that still live like it's the late 1800's. We still have cars and electricity. We still do jobs like our ancestors did.

    When I had time to myself I would saddle up my horse and go into the town just outside of of Houston. My time would be spent at a market or a library. The library was my escape from my boring life. Plus it also had empty rooms that the librarians let me use. That's where I practiced magic.

    I'm brought out of my thoughts when Momma shakes me trying to get my attention.

    "Bree, are you alright? I've been calling your name for five minutes."

    "I'm fine, I was just thinking about my life before this happened."

    She looks at me and sighs.

    "I know it's hard, but think of it this way Sug, you can travel the world and see things you've never seen before. I know it feels like a curse right now but it's not."

    "I know. I'm glad you found me. Without you I would probably be dead right now," I say sadly.

    The day she found me was when a coven of witches and a few vampires were going to kill me. I'm apparently the reincarnated mate of one of the the Original brothers.

    "Bree, what are you talking about? Why would you be dread?" Momma asks concerned.

    "I'll explain while we hunt. I really need to feed before I'm around people again. I don't want to hurt anyone."

    "Alright Sug, let's hunt and then you can tell me your story."

    I know I'm going to have to come up with a lie for the marks on my skin caused by the witches and the few vampires that got their hands on me.

    We head to Seattle. I hide in a dark alleyway and wait for a drug dealer. It doesn't take long. It is a male around the age of twenty-five years old. I till he is facing the other way then strike. I snap his neck and drink him dry. I then pick up his body and place it in the dumpster. I pull out a lighter and set it on fire.

    Now that I'm fully sated, I wait for Momma so I can share my story.

    She comes over to the park bench that I found and sits down next to me.

    "Bree, are you ready to share your story? You don't have to tell me anything if it makes you uncomfortable."

    "It's fine. I need to get this off my chest. You need to see my true colors," I stop to get my thoughts in order. I don't want her to know I'm lying.

    "Let me start by telling you it's not a happy story."

    I take an unneeded breath before starting.

    "It started when I was eight. I had just started second grade. I was from a small town in Texas and lived on a ranch. I would get made fun of at school because of the way I dressed. I was a tomboy through and through. This continued till I was ten. The teasing got worse from there, I would get called all sorts of names. The worst being lesbian and retard. I was losing my friends," I stop taking a breath.

    I look up at the sky knowing the next part of my story is attached to really bad memories.

    "It got to the point of anxiety and depression. I would skip school and go to my own escape place. The school ended up calling my Pops. Let's just say it didn't end well. I did contemplate suicide a few times. As time went on and years went by, things only get worse. The kids went from mental abuse to physical," I say shuddering thinking about the coven of witches who took to harassing me.

    I look at Momma seeing that she has tears in her eyes. I know I should stop talking since now I'm really going to have to tell a big lie. But I feel like she would question it later if I didn't.

    "That's when I started harming myself. At first it was cutting. I would cut once a week. It got to the point where I was cutting two to three times a day."

    I pull my shirt sleeves up and roll up my pants a little. The little white lines left by Amelie, the leader of the coven. She thought it was a good idea to make cuts on my skin with her magic.

    "Bree I'm sorry. What are the other scars? They don't look like cuts."

    "I was getting to those.The school kids used to make me run through the dog pens on the farm next to the school. They were guard dogs, so they were trained to attack. The marks are bite marks," I lie.

    The marks aren't really bites from dogs, they are from "normal" vampires. Unlike Izzy's marks who's are shiny mine look like actual scars.

    "Sugar, I wish I would have found you sooner. No one should ever have to go through that."

    "There's actually more. I just don't want to share it yet."

    She grabs my hand pulls me off the bench. We start walking towards the woods.

    "Okay baby, how about we head home, you have school tomorrow."   

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