Chapter Eight Captain!

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Chapter Eight Izzy's Pov

    It is one in the morning, so I go and get Bree see we can leave.

    "Bree come on it's times to leave. We will hunt again once we get there."

    "Okay I'll be down in a minute. Just let me grab a few things."

    While I wait, I go and grab our emergency blood. You never know when you'll need it. Bree is by my side as soon as I close the fridge door. We head to the car.

    With me driving it will be in Forks by the time the sun comes up. I start the Viper's engine and it roars to life. I hear the sound of a phone ringing. Knowing I don't have one I look at Bree.

    "Momma, I don't know this number will you answer it please?"

    "Of course Sug, hand me the phone," I respond.

    She hand me her Iphone and I answer it.


    "Hello Izzy, It's Peter Whitlock," the man on the phone says.

    Peter? I haven't seen Charlotte and him since Jasper left. I wonder how he got Bree's number.

    "It's been awhile Captain Whitlock. How did you know you could contact me with this number? Why did you call? How did you know I escaped?" I fire question after question.

    "You forget bout my know it all mind? I'm hurt sweet cheeks."

    "Of course I forgot bout your gift. I guess you know about my situation and why I left."

    "Yes I do. I also know about Bree. I know that you're heading to Forks, Washington. Now for the reason I called, I called you today to let you know that Char and I will be visiting you in a couple of days," Peter explains.

    I let out a sigh and mentally call him an ass.

    "Okay Pete, but next time give a girl more than a two day notice that you will be coming over. Bye!"

    I hung up on him with a growl. He is the most annoying not it all vampire I've ever met... he's the only know it all I know.

    I put the car in drive and pull out of the driveway. I get on the highway and pick up speed. I push the speedometer past 100 miles per hour. If a human were to crash at this speed they would die. Only one of the perks of being a vampire.

    We drive for for several hours when we finally reach a sign that says "Welcome to Forks".

    I ask Bree for her phone again and call a real estate agency about getting a house in the woods. I talk to a lady for several minutes before she tells me an address to meet her at.

    We head over to our possible new home. The place is beautiful. The North and East side of the house is made entirely of glass. The rooms are painted a soft white and fully furnished. It has six bedrooms and three baths. Three of the rooms have studies attached to them. The best part is that we are a good amount away from humans, so we can be ourselves.

    "We'll take it. I will be paying out right for it," I tell the real estate lady.

    I fill out the paperwork, give the lady her money, and she gives me the keys and leaves.

    Bree and I go into the living room. We both sit down on the couch.

    "Well today's been eventful and it's not even ten o'clock," Bree says with a laugh.

    "Why don't you get your stuff from the car and pick your room. I get a master bedroom, you can have any of the other ones. We will hunt after you finish."

    Bree get's up and looks at me.

    "Okay Momma."

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