Chapter Twenty-Six Reminiscing

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Chapter Twenty Six Izz's Pov

    "Charlotte it's been awhile. What have you been up to?"

    "I know Izz, I haven't seen you in years. I've been good for the most part. You know having Peter for a mate and all," Char says with a chuckle.

    "I ain't that bad!" Peter exclaims.

    "Really Pete? I know you well enough to know that's not true."

    "Come on Lil Bit, remember all the fun we used to have when we went huntin'?" Peter asks.

    I look at him and smile moving closer to him to sling my arm around his shoulders.

    "Ya, I remember alright. We used to cause all sorts of trouble. Didn't we kill several newborns in one of our games?" I ask.

    "Yep, Maria was furious with us. She didn't let us go huntin' together for a long time after that," Peter chuckles pushing me off of him and onto the ground.

    "Ya know all this reminiscing isn't goin' to help us win this war," Major yells. 

   Ah have I missed this. 

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