Chapter Five Mother Figure

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Edited on 2/20/17

Chapter Five Izzy's Pov

    Bree is such an energetic girl. She is also a spectacular newborn. She hasn't been crazed with bloodlust like every other vampire I've known.I can't believe that I sired such an amazing young lady.

    I stand outside by a big oak tree watching Bree as she does front flips, backflips, and cartwheels. We have gone outside every day for the past three days. She told me yesterday day that she feels at peace when she's outside.

    She also told me about since she was a little girl she has felt as if she belongs to a different time era. She talked about how she got dreams that seemed like flashbacks and how everytime she see's certain items another piece of the puzzle is added. She still has no idea what is causing them.

     We leave for Forks tomorrow. I don't want to leave Montana, but we can't risk being found in this house.

    "Momma can we go into town before we leave tomorrow? I want to go to the mall," Bree asks pleadingly.

    I can't believe she thinks of me as a mother. Now I won't be able to refuse her request. She needs different clothes anyway.

    "Sure we leave on fifteen minutes. Go get ready."

    We both go inside to get ready. I take a shower and get dressed. I go to find Bree. I knock on her bedroom door.

    "Come in," she calls out.

    "Hey Sugar, you ready to go shopping? You're going to need warmer clothes to blend in. Forks is cold and rainy this time of year."

    I'm ready Momma," my little angel says.

    "It's always cloudy in Forks as well so we won't have to worry about looking like walking diamonds," I add as an afterthought.

    She giggles at that. We leave the house and take the car the previous owners left. I drive faster than the speed limit so that we get to the mall in fifteen minutes instead of a half an hour.

    "Okay Bree you are going to need to get jackets, pants, long sleeve shirts, and other warm clothes. You can get dresses and other fancy outfits as well."

    "Okay Momma can we go to Hollister first? That's where I usually shop."

    "Alright Hollister it is." 

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