Chapter 10

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The walkers sounded like a roar of thunder. I like got on my knee's and looked out the window. It was dark but I could see the walkers. They just kept on coming. "The walkers must of joined together and started migrating south" I say with a sadness in my voice.

"It will be okay Carl, just sit down" Trevor says and takes my hand and pulls me beside him. He puts his head on my shoulder and smirks. I don't know what to feel. My heart feels warm, but sad because of my dad.

I tell Trevor we should go lay on the bed. I look at Michonne and she nods and gives a little smile. I say thanks softly. Trevor and me go lay on the bed . Trevor cuddles up to me and we fall asleep with walkers moaning outside. The walkers moan never gets old.

I fall into a dream state and I see my dad and the group. I see my dad sick and my little sister confused about it. I see them in an abandon building. Holding the door back trying to keep the walkers out but they can't.

The walkers rush through and the group trys to kill them. But the walkers keep coming and the group let's one pass and it heads down the hall way towards my dad. I can't yell. I tried but couldn't. I see it bite into him.

I wake as I see Trevor looking at me. He had a worried look. "It was just a bad dream I'm fine" I say to Trevor reassuring him. "Michonne went outside for a minute, the walkers have passed" I smile glad they are gone.

Trevor grabs me and pulls me on top of him. He pulls me into him and I kiss him back. I pull back and say "Well time to start the day" Trevor gives me a pouting look. "Come on cutie time to go" I laugh and give him another little kiss.

We both walk outside and see Michonne picking at the coals with a stick. We walk over to her and see a face drawn in the ashes. "So where to now" Trevor asked.

"I don't know, but not going south anytime soon" We all laugh. We walk the town and search buildings for food and supplies. We walked out of a building after clearing it and see 12 walkers walking down the street.

We tryed to hide but they seen us. I grabbed the first one and put a knife through his head. Michonne swung her sword and killed three instantly. 

Trevor killed two with his knife. Then we each killed another one. Only three where left. The walker fell on top of me and Michonne and Trevor already killed there walker. Trevor screamed and ran over and smashed the walkers brains out.

"Baby be careful" Trevor said as he pulled me to my feet and gave me a kiss. I hugged him and thanked him. "That one just came to fast" I say and feel embarrassed.

"Always stay alert" Michonne said. I'm glad I didn't just turn into one of the living dead.

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