Chapter 21

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Jake and Trevor walked over to us and we started walking down the street. "So what are your jobs here in the city" I asked curiously. "Well jake works in the building department he likes all that construction and building job. I on the other hand work in the city building keeping track of supplies." Wow now I feel less important i just get to kill walkers coming towards the city. Jake as the same question to me but I zoned out for a second. "Oh, yeah Trevor got recruiting and I got wall duties" I say to Hades. Golf carts come zooming past and made us move to the side walk.

" what could that be" I asked worried. "Carl it is fine probably just a big herd of zombies or something at the wall" I relax knowing Hades knows what's going on. "Yeah I get extra food because I work in that department. I can sneak you a snack every once in awhile if you want" I shook my head and let out a chuckle. "I think I will be fine. But thanks for the telling me" I know how to go days with out food. I will probably get fat eating this much. Jake and Hades had to go back to work there break was over.

"Well nice meeting you" Trevor says. We all hug and we head back to the house. "Babe I think I want to walk around for a little bit" Trevor was tierd and said he was going to take a nap. I walked down the street and memorized my street name and house address. I walked a few blocks over where they are building new homes for people to live in. It was loud and a few hundred people working all over. I turned around and walked the other way. I started getting dizzy as I felt the air rush out of me. The walls blocked the slight breeze I was used to outside of the wall.

I sat down on the curb and seen I was sitting across from the city building. I got up and walked in the building. The fresh paint smell still lingered in the air. That didn't help my headache coming on. I walked up the stairs and seen everyone in a room. There was lots of concern in there voices. I stayed back and listened. "They are going to push the wall down if there is to many more. We need to kill them quick. Look at the cameras everyone" everyone took a deep breathe. I peeked in and see thousands of zombies just outside of the walls.

Someone seen my shadow and I turned around and ran to the next room. I shut the door as the person looked out the door. Woah that was a close one. I opened the door and quickly exited the building and walked back to the house. Those herds looked huge like they had been just gaining as they got closer. I hung my coat up and walked up to the room to lay down with Trevor till dinner. But when I got up there Trevor was gone. I layed down and rested up for a few hours till I heard the front door opening.

I sat up and seen Trevor walking up the stairs. He came and took off his boots and same and sat on my lap and tucked his legs behind me. His lips met mine and he pushed me down on to the bed. "Where did you go babe" I asked. Trevor messing with my hair as he got off of me and layed next to me. "I went exploring and got these made" he sounded excited. He pulled bracelets out of his pocket and handed me the one that had his name on it. He made me all tingly inside when I was with him. He was my little teddy bear.

He cuddled and flirted with each other for an hour when we got a knock at the door. These people ever going to leave us alone? I walked down stairs and opened the door. "Here is you card, Clock in at the city building at your designated times. Your time is printed on the back." I looked at the card. It had my name and I flipped it over andnrwad my schedule.

Trevor walked down and she gave his to him. I closed the door and went and sat down. "Everything okay babe" Trevor asked me. "Trevor it might not be safe here" I said to him in a worried voice. "Why is that babe the walls looked pretty well built" Trevor smiled and came and sat on my lap.

" I was sneaking around earlier and I went in to the city building. Well I seen the herd outside the walls thousands of them are right out side those walls." I say to Trevor. "Im sure they have it under control" Trevor reassured me. I sat back and relaxed till dinner time. I ended up falling asleep.

I woke up and Trevor was on the other couch watching me sleep. "Thought you would never wake up" Trevor said. I shook my head and went to the bathroom. "Carl it is time to go to dinner babe" I looked at my watch and we would probably be late.

We got to the lunch hall and we had to wait in the line for an hour. "We are being early from now on" I said to Trevor. We spotted our friends Jake and Hades. Someone else was at the table but there was still two hairs available.  We sat down and they introduced us to there friend.

"Carl, Trevor this is Nev our friend" I nodded to him. We all talked about our day and how we spent it. "Come on I want to show you two the perfect sunset spot" Nev got in a golf cart and we got on andnhe drove a few blocks over and he showed us to some stairs that led up to the top of the wall.

When we got to the top the stairs the sunset was the least of my worries. What was suppose to be a great sunset was half mile wide zombie herd. Trevor turned around and puked and fell to his knees. "Trevor" I said his name worried.

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