Chapter 2

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I woke up and I heard the morning breakfast bell. It rang four times. I got up and put my same clothes on I had on last night. I walked down the hall to the bathroom and went and sat down to do my business. There was a wierd feeling of going to the bathroom in a rwally bathroom. There wasn't a door so anyone that walked out of there rooms down that hall could see you.

I went down to breakfast hall and got in the long line of people. I see Trevor the leader of the camp dumping his tray and laying it on the top of the ledge. We both look at each other and he walks over to me and says "First time guest get to go to the front" I laughed and he yelled to the young boy in the back to fix a tray for me. I felt special but I didn't like it. I wasn't raised that way.

Trevor took my tray and I thought he was going to give it to me but instead he takes I t with him and walks out of the Food hall with it. I followed and he walked down the street only looking back to see if I was still walking. I kept following, till we got to a nice house in the camp. He stopped at the front door and waived me in I went in and he said "This is my house Carl" I looked around and I seen barley anything. It was really scares. The paint on the walls was fairly new.

By instinct I looked around every corner. Trevor laughed at me and I smirked and loosened up. "Sorry it is just I have done that basically for half my life" I said. "I understand, I just think it os funny Carl" Trevor said.

He sat my tray down on his kitchen table and then pulled out my chair.  I sat down and he sat across from me. I felt awkward eating and not sharing my food like usual.I ended up only eating half of it and pushed it to the side.  I felt like hogging food. Trevor didn't like that I only ate half of the food.

"Carl you should eat it all" Trev said. "I'm not hungry, im full" I said. Trevor didn't like my answer but he accepted it. I sat there and stared at the wall while trevor was writing something on a notepad. I coughed and got Trevor's attention.  "Do you need something Carl"?  Trevor asked me. "I feel like I need to do something" I said because usually im always doing something either killing walkers or clearing a house of walkers.

"What do you want to do Carl" Trevor asked. I sat and thought and I was stumped. I must of showed it because a smile came to Trevor's face and I started to turn red.

"It's cute when you blush".

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