Chapter 8

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*Warning Chapter contains XXX So don't say I didn't warn you!*

Trevor put his hand on my leg. I let him keep it there it made me feel alright. I felt okay with him. I guess he wasn't that bad. I smiled after wiping tears out of my eyes.

I see a lookout tower and decide I need the view to calm me down. I pull into the parking lot and get out. Trevor opens Hus door and gets out to. We both climb over the fence and start walking up the stairs. We get all the way to the top and it was so calm and warm. The sun set was coming so the sky was turning all different colors. It was pink, blue, purple, green and yellow.

I sigh and sit down. Trevor sit down by me and says "Carl are you okay, I mean I know your not but you seemed really frustrated".  Maybe I was mad, maybe I was frustrated but I should talk about it. I don't want Trevor to worry about me.

"Trevor I'm fine" I say trying to get him to drop the subject. "Yeah okay" Trevor says knowing I'm not. "Just kiss me Trev" I say. Trevor leans in and kisses me. He gets on top of me and Grinds on me. Trevor grabs my hair as he is kissing me.

Trevor takes my shirt off and throws it to the side. He leaves a trail of kisses all the way down to my belt. I let out a moan and Trevor unbuckles my belt and starts taking off my jeans.

He puts his hand ony raging penis and kisses it through my boxers. I buck up and let out a reqlly load moan. I could hear it echo through out the abandoned buildings.

I giggle and Trevor keeps on going. He slips my boxers down and puts his mouth around my penis. He sucks on it for a few minutes and then I cum in his mouth. I blushed because I didn't tell him.

He smiled as he swallowed my load. "You taste so good Carl" Trevor said and I blushed and then put my clothes back on. "Trevor don't ever leave me" I say. "I promise Carl"

I smile as we walk down the stairs. I stop as I see a familiar face by the car. Michonne was leaning against the car. "Move" I say to Trevor and run down the stairs and hop the fence and hug Michonne.

"Sounds like you had some fun up there" Michonne said. I blushed and said "Yeah about that, so how have you been". I tried to defer the conversation. We both ended up laughing.

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