Chapter 13

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I woke up to the sun in my eyes and Maggie being the mom and already coming in and cleaning up the place. Our clothes where picked up and put on the dresser with a note.

I got up and grabbed the note. It read
"Dear Carl, we went on a run for supplies. Michonne went with we should be back tonight or in the morning. Love Maggie."

I looked over at Trevor still sleeping he was cute when he slept. I got dressed then went walking around the Motel making sure everything was okay. I got paranoid about that sometimes. Especially it only being me and the sleeping boy in room 116.

I heard a noise sounding like motorcycles coming down the street. I got up and ran and heard them as they where pulling in. I ran back to the room and closed the door and locked it. "Trevor" "Trevor" "Wake Up and get dressed" I Whispered.

Trevor woke up and looked at me hiding under the window seal. He got dressed really quickly and ducked under it to. "What is going on" I responded "Bikers, sounded like 10 motorcycles where out there" Trevor face turned red.

I could tell he was worried. I motioned for him to just stay down. I peeked out over the window seal and seen them walking around. Boom the door two doors down of ours opened. "115 boss" Heard a man say. "All of them have to make sure no Rotters are here boy" The lead biker said.

"Trevor do you have enough bullets" I asked quietly. Trevor held up 2 fingers. So we only have 3 bullets and two knives. This probably won't go well. "Trevor kiss me" I didn't want it to be the last but if it had to be I would be glad knowing we ended it on a good note.

Trevor kissed me and I kissed back harder. "I love you babe" I said. Trevor said "I love you to Carl Grimes". Six bikers against two teenagers. What could go wrong? Nothing right.

Not a second later it was our doors turn. I looked at Trevor as it busted opened. I reached up and slit the kids throat. I ran out and Trevor followed. I seen the bikers all big and muscular.

I was intimidated for sure. The five surrounded us. "Boys put your weapons down now, we don't want to have to kill you boys" I was shaking. "That boy was are slave anyways we didn't need him, a favor actually. We have two new ones now" the five guys all laughed.

"Put the weapons down now, I'm not telling you again" I looked at Trevor and pit my knife and gun on the ground as did Trevor. I sighed know this wasn't going to end well.

"Tie them up boys" two of them grabbed us and tied our hands and feet together. "You are our bitches now little boys" I turned away as he spit on my face. Then put a blindfold in me as two of them picked me up and took me somewhere.

I screamed for help but one of the guys spoke up and said "Kid no use, we are your new leaders. You are our slaves" I got thrown on the ground and heard the door slam.

"Trevor" No one replied. They split us up. I hope he is okay. I know I just have to survive one day and the other will be back. Hours passed when finally one came in the room and unblind folded me. "Now I'm going to untie this don't try anything or you will be punished" I was told.

He lifted me on my feet and I still had my hands tied behind my back. I was taken to a fire they had built. "Boss here he is" I was motioned to sit down. "So, umm what is your name son" The boss guy spoke.

I decided to not speak a word. A few seconds went by before the boss spoke up again. "Son this can go the easy way or the hard way. Your choice". I sat there and didn't speak.

"Okay your choice not mine. Boys take him away and beat him" Two of them picked me up and dragged me back to the room. One punch, two punch, I lost count as my face was swollen. I screamed out in pain. They moved to my stomach and used it as a punching bag while they laughed.

I heard my rib crack. "You going to speak now son" I was asked. "Go to hell" I replied. One of them grabbed my neck and choked me. "No you will end up speaking" I gasped trying to catch air to stay alive.

"Okay he has had enough, tie him back up and blind fold him" the bosses voice echoes in my mind for a few seconds. "I won't ever" all I got out before the bikers put a rag in my mouth.

"On to the other boy" I heard as the door closed behind me. "No Trevor" I tryed but the rag stopped me from saying anything just muffled of sound. Tears rushed down my face.

I hear screams as Trevor is being beaten to death. I try to get up but the rope tugs on my hands giving me burns on my wrist. I just lay on the ground hearing my boyfriend be beat. Then everything turned silent.

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