Chapter 5

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I wake up and get out of the bed. I go down stairs and go out side to take a leak. I hear the door open and close behind me. Trevor comes and stands right next to me and pee's to.

"Trevor why" I asked. He just gives me a smirk and zips his pants up and walks inside. I shake my head and walk back inside. "Your zipper is undone" I thank Trevor for the notice and zip them up.

I went and sat on the other side of the couch and closed my eye's. Where do we go next. You always have to think about next in this world. Can we ever just have a right now. I hated it, I want peace and quiet sometimes.

I hear a noise and look out the window. "Trevor come here" I waved my hand to signal him to come. We both look out the window and see a group of three guys trying to start the car we have the keys to.

Nothing can be easy in this world like I said before. We see them get it started and jump in. We had to let them take it because well 3 vs 2 then add in a few stray walkers. Well we are out numbered then.

We both sat back on the couch. Now with out a car. That piece of junk ain't worth it anyways. We can find another. "Time to go Trev" I say up the stairway. "How about we stay here" Trevor says. "I don't think it is a good idea groups seem to pass all the time" I say. Trevor answers with one group that's it.

"Well this is a main road Trevor we need to get off of it" I say for are survival. Trevor finally gives in. I can tell he had been behind those walls at that town for awhile. He was still getting used to moving again. He will it will just take time. I zip up the sports bag and throw it over my shoulder and piy a smile on my face.

We untie the door and I put the rope back in the bag. Never know when we might need it. I open the front door and see the dead walker I killed yesterday. Still looks the same, no change, still rotten.

We walk down the road some ways till I feel we have to get off of it. We have to stay off the big roads. We come upon a herd. The herd is about two hundred zombies. They have been in big groups lately. It is like they make groups of friends and stay together. We duck behind a few trees and wait it out till they are passed.

Trevor looked a little frightened by the herd. He should know he is with tone of the best zombie killers in the whole world. "Nothing to be afraid of Trev" I say reassuringly. He nods back to agree.

We walk back onto the big road and there was some stragglers behind the herd. About 10 of them. I had three down in one quick moment. Trevor's knife got stuck in one of the walkers head and he couldn't get it out. He tried but he couldn't. I yelled for him yo watch out.

I seen disaster waiting to happen. One was walking right towards him. I run over and stab it in the head inches from Trevor's neck. Trevor's knife pops out of the other walkers head and we kill the other five and take a breather for a minute.

"Thank, thank you Carl" Trevor says. I give him a nod and respond telling him it isn't a big deal. He smiles and gives me a hug. I didn't hug back. I don't really hug anyone except family and close friends. Which I wish I could be with right now. I miss them, but I know we will find them.

We come upon a car. It is trash but I try to find something, anything. I find a first aid lit but we already have one of those in are bag. I leave it for the next luck group. Trevor finds a Boston red Sox hat. I laugh when he puts it on. He throw it back in the car and shuts the door.

We cut back in the woods for a while till we come upon a housing district. It was the fancy three hundred thousand dollar homes. "I think we should stay here" Trevor said. "I agree" I looked around, it seemed pretty quiet. Maybe no one's home. I laughed at that one in my head and followed Trevor to the one he wanted.

"But I wanted the Dark gray one" I say mocking Trevor from the night before. He laughed and then walked over to the grey house and knocked on the door. But we didn't get the noise we where expecting.

"Turn around gentleman" I turned around and seen a young lady about our age with a little boy. "We don't want no trouble, but what are you doing at our house gentleman". I studded and say "Umm sorry mamm". I felt backlash for picking the grey one tonight.

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