Chapter 6

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"We will leave" I said. The lady spoke up "Wait don't leave us". I looked at her confused because she came off as a angry mad person that we where at her house. Now she wants us to stay.

"Are you in danger mamm" I asked. She had a tear rolling down her face. "I just lost my husband yesterday, I don't know if I can keep going without other people" the lady said.

I didn't know what to say. I just sad down on the porch step. "I'm sorry for your loss" I say. She goes past me and unlocks the door to the house. "Come in, what's your names" she asked us.

"My name is Carl, his is Trevor" I say. Trevor looked at the couch and ran to it and laid down. "Mamm we will stay the night here but we can't stay here forever" I had to say because my rule has always been you can stay in one place for to long.

"My name is Jennifer and my boys name is Gale" The lady finally said her name to us. I sat down at the kitchen table where the lady had made her way to. She had a map played out on the table it had markings on it.

"What are all the markings" She explained they mean different things like house cleared, fire, flooded, zombies inside. It was smart. I looked at it for awhile and noticed the pattern or the route they take to find supplies. They would tackle a few new house a day.

"So are you coming with us" I asked Jennifer. She looked at me and I could yell she was. "Of course Carl, I can't make it here by myself with a 5 year old" I looked over at Trevor who was already sound asleep. I looked back at Jennifer and she was marking the house's she went to today.

"Would you like serving to eat" she asked I decline because we have alot of food in our bag. "So how much supplies to you have in the bag" I lied and told her not that much but enough to get by.

"Why do you ask so many questions" I was getting tired of getting asked everything. "Sorry" Jennifer said back. She walked into another room and came back with her kid Gale.

She poured a can of beans into two bowls and put them on the table. She and gale ate them while I just sat there. It was dark by the time they finished. Trevor woke up from a nightmare and sat up. "You okay Trev" I look at him concerned.

"I'm fine" I knew he had a nightmare he had done that last night to. He came and sat at the table and spoke to us. We caught him up with the plan to leave tomorrow.

"There is only two beds in the house so someone will have to sleep on the couch" I looked at Trevor at signaled he is sleeping on the couch. "Nope" Trevor said. I gave him a stare to say no but he just laughed.

"Well we are going to bed have a big day tomorrow" Jennifer said. I walked to the other room and layed on the bed. Trevor came in and played next to me. "Trevor" I say.

He just smiled and put his arm around me. "Trevor I'm not" he stopped me mid sentence and shushed me. He leaned up and kissed my cheek. I felt a shock go through me and I froze. It felt right? It felt right to be kissed by him.

I turned over and looked Trevor In the eyes. "That wasn't suppose to feel good, but it did" Trevor smiled and just stared back. "Don't ever do it again" I got out of the bed And went and layed on the couch. I had mixed emotions. I didn't like it.

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