Chapter 19

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We hold hands as we walk down the empty quiet street. I grab my water and take a drink. "Trevor you need a drink" He nodded and took a drink and handed it back. "I looked down to put my water back in my backpacks side pocket when Trevor spoke up. "Babe city, babe there is a city" Trevor tapped me on the sholder. I stopped and seen people standing on the walls with heavy machinery.

The walls went about one hundred feet on both sides of the street. The gate was on the road. The gates opened and a car was heading toward us. "Are they coming to pick us up" Trevor asked. "Be read have your gun drawn Babe" He nodded.

We stood in the street and the car pulled up to us and stopped. It had so much armor on it im suprised it could move. Spikes and knifes all around the armor looked like a killing machine. "Hello we are here to help lower your wepons please" A man stepped out of the driver side door. He was dressed in all black.

I lowered and so did Trevor. "We have a city that has lasted since the begin of the start. Our town has grown to over one thousand strong. Are you two the next to join" One thousand people. Okay now that is Impressive considering there is only a few hundred thousand left.

"Yes we are in" I guess Trevor saud it for both of us. "Great you can keep your wepons and possesion" We walked over to the car and got in. The gates opened and it looked like a regular world inside. No walkers, no blood, only fresh painted houses and fresh cut grass. "Welcome to Our city" I read a sign it read "Welcome to Newton".

"You get to stay in our guess hotel till we can fix you up a house" What we get our own house? That is amazing. More than we have had since this whole thing started. I just looked around in awe.

The car stopped and we got put in a golf cart. "Okay well my part is done, Frizze will take you to your hotel for the night" I hopped on and we went down the street. The streets all looked like they where just paved. This city is advanced.

There where gardens with plants. We heard a bell ring and kids ran out of a building. "Frizze was that a school" I asked. "Yes sir, it is we are advanced our time here in our little town" I had a miny flash back to my mom when she used yo teach me in the orison before she died.

I shed a tear and then we arived at the building we would be staying at for the night. "Just wait here for Benny he will be out in a few moments. There he is now" I loomed over and we seen a guy about our age come over to us. "Woah you guys look a little ruff" Benny said. "Been out there for awhile now benny" I said.

"Let me show you two to your rooms" I looked at Benny. "We only need one room Benny" Me and Trevor laughed. "Oh sorry Sir I guess I should of asked" Benny's faced turned red. "Everyone makes mistaked" I gave him a hug.

"Okay the grosses hug i have ever got" Forgot I just killed a few before I got here. "Oh Im sorry about that" Benny took off his shirt and was hiding a rock hard six pack. I almost fainted. "Carl" Trevor said jealously.

"Okay where is our room" Trevor said madly annoyed. Benny showed us to our room. "Here it is guys. Water and Electricity is limited. You only get a certain amount of time and it will shut off automatically" Benny left and we walked into our new place for the night.

"Trevor don't get so annoyed , who do I have sex with and sleep with and kiss and love on all day babe? Huh?" I got a little serious with him. "I'm sorry i just got a little annoyed of Benny" Trevor walks over to me and starts making out with me. I say in between breaths "Thats what I thought you sexy boyfriend of mine" I giggle and Trevor picks me up and gentle lays me on the bed.

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