Chapter 15

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"Carl lets stay please, just let us get back on our feet" Trevor said. Giving me a sad face. "Okay Trevor but I have a bad feeling" we walked back to the cabin and the sirens died down as we got back to the cabin.

"I just want to go to bed" I say as I plop down on my bed. "Well the rest of us are going to go eat dinner" Maggie said. "I'm not hungry either" said Trevor.  Everyone else left to go eat. Trevor walked over and got on the top bunk.

"Babe" I whined to Trevor. "What" he said as he peeked down and look at me. "I just thought, never mind" I turned around and covered my face. I was annoyed that he didn't want to come and love on me.

Trevor got down and took off his boots and layed them to the side of the bed. Trevor then straddled men as he got on top of me. "Carl look at me" Trevor said it in a cute voice. I took the blanket off my head and look at my cute, innocent boyfriend. 

"What babe" I asked him. He leaned over and kissed me then he grabbed my sides and he knew I was ticklish. I yelp and he laughed at me. "Not funny Trev" I say. "Oh come on you look so cute when your not the dominant one" Trevor said.

He was right I did like being the dominant one. We just starred into each others eyes giving each other kisses till someone busted through the door. "Love birds it isn't the time right now, go to sleep" Glenn yelled at us. Glenn always ruined the fun.

Maggie came running in an few minutes later and we could tell they where mad at each other for some odd reason. "So that's why we have to stay Maggie" Glenn yelled. "Yeah I'm pregnant it is your fault not wrapping your thing, not mine Glenn" Maggie yelled.

Me and Trevor,  Trevor still straddled me look at each other in disbelief.  "Your pregnant" I asked. "Carl yes I am and now we have to stay here. There is a doctor so I need to stay" Maggie answered.

Glenn walked out of the cabin slamming the door behind him. "Maggie you two will be fine. You known Glenn has his fits all the time" I say to comfort her. She nods and starts crying.

Trevor got off of me and I went over and sat by her and gave her a hug. "Carl I could die giving birth like your mother" Maggie said. "Maggie we have a doctor here it will be fine" I say wiping away her tears. "I need to go see the doctor" Maggie says. "We will go with you Maggie, how along are you" I asked wanting to know. "Three months" We got up and went to the main building.

"Can I see the doctor" Maggie asked. "We are sorry but he won't be available till in the morning" The lady said to us. "Okay we will come back in the morning then" Maggie said, then smiled as we walked out the door.

I see Glenn in the distance. "I'm going to go talk to him" they nodded and I walk over to Glenn.  "Glenn it will be alright" I say. "Carl look what happend to the last time someone got pregnant in our group" I thought back to my mom. But I looked around and children where running around.

"Glenn there is a doctor here, she will be fine" I say annoyed now thinking of my mom's death. I get the thought out of my head and look at Glenn.  "Think of Judith she didn't survive long Carl. I don't want to see my own child go through this nasty word and die and turn" Glenn had a point.

"Talk about it with the doctor tomorrow and see what he says Glenn" I walk back to the cabin tired of talking. I get in my bed and drift off to sleep.

"Carl it is all your fault" I hear my dad say. "I know" I say as I fall to my knees and cry. I see my baby sister dead in her car seat. "If you would have closed the door she would have been alive you killer" my dad yelled at me. "Stop it dad" I say as I hit him in the head with the butt of my gun. I see him fall to the ground.

"You are not coming back with me you son of a b*tch" my dad gets up and opens the passenger door and throws my bag out and then walks over and gets in the driver side and drives off with out me. "No dad! Why?" I yell.

I wake up to Trevor shaking me telling me it will be alright. It was still dark outside. I cry in Trevor arms for a little while till I calm down. "Even the strongest have there down moments" I say.

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