Chapter 23

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Sitting in the hospital with Trevor's hand in mine I look out in the hallway nurses go by as the clock in the hallway ticks by. The time starts speeding up and less and less nurses walk by.

It was midnight and not a person was walking by. I hadn't seen a person walk by in a hour. I started to worry as I remembered that herd at the wall. What if they had gotten through. No no those walls where strong enough to hold them for a few days.

I went back and fourth with my mind for what seemed like three hours. I looked up at the clock and it said two am. A nurse came around the corner and opened the door. "Hello Carl has Trevor spoken or moved" The nurse asked.

"No he hasn't" I let out and a tear ran down my face. She went over to him and checked him and looked at the machine and wrote it down. "Be strong honey he will make it. You got to be strong" she closed the door and hung the clipboard up on the hook outside the door and walked down the hall till she dissappeared around the corner.

I leaned over and kissed Trevor on the forehead and very quietly told him "I love you". I turned my head and the clock ticked another hour away and I fell alseep.

I woke up wishing it was all a dream but looked over and seen the love of my life was still laying in the bed in a coma. The nurse came in and gave me a juice box and apple.

"You need the eat you haven't ate in 2 days Carl, you will be in a hospital bed next if you keep this up." She looked at me. "The love of my life may never wake up why should I eat" I said softly. "Carl he will you got to have faith honeys he came over and gave me a hug.

The rest of the day went by slowly and painfully. I was losing hope. I hadn't left Trevor's side in 3 days and I wasn't going to. I just want him to wake up. I miss his soft voice that just calmed me down.

He kept me sane in this horrible world we know today. I looked over at him and seen him twitch. "Trevor" I said. "Carl" I got up and went out to the hallway. "NURSE, NURSE, NURSE!" I yelled and one came tuning around the corner.

"Sir what's wrong" the nurse asked. "My boyfriend he spoke for the first time in 3 days" I said. We walked back to the room and he was opening his eyes. I walked over to him and kissed him for a few seconds not wanting to stop.

"Trevor I love you" He said it back. "I will to get a doctor" The nurse said. She closed the door behind her. "Carl how long has it been" he put his hand to his head. "3 days trev, felt like a million" I said hugging him.

He just hugged back. The room went silent till the doctor came in. I got off the bed and sat back in the chair. "Well Trevor we have some questions for you" the doctor went on and checked him out and made sure his health was alright.

"We will need to keep you here for the next day to make sure you get back to full health" the doctor said. The doctor finally left after a few minutes. The door closed and I just couldn't resist I leaned in for a kiss and jumped on the bed and strattled him. He put his arms around my neck and we kissed for what seemed forever.

I didn't care how long it was. He was my forever. He was all I had left in this apocalypse world. We both cried together and later the nurse brought us our dinner to eat.

Trevor ate slow which had me worried. He usually has his food gone in seconds. I usually have to tell him to slow down. I hope he recovers fast never know what happens next in the apocalypse.

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