Chapter 3

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"TREV BOYS DON'T SAY THAT" I yelled. "Aww he is mr.Grumpy" I got up and pulled his head back with is hair and said "Ever say that to me again you won't live" I was pissed now.

"Okay Carl calm down no killing needs to happen" Trevor said with a serious look. I walked over to the towns library and went to the comics and picked one up.

Batman defeated a villain so suprised. I had read most of them. Every place we used to stay in I would look for comics. I had a passion for them.

"Attention, Attention everyone please remain calm and go to your rooms intill further instructions" the Intercom over the city said and then went off.

I decided to go see what was up and not go to my room because well I didn't like to follow rules. Wasn't my style to follow them.

I walked outside and a group of guys range from teens to older guys where climbing a top the platform and where looking over the wall. I knew it was probably kust some walkers nothing big. They are making a big deal about it.

I walked over to the group and tryed to blend in. That didn't work at all. "Carl go to your room now" Trevor said in a yelling matter.  I was mad I could easily take them out. "I can handle a few walkers Trevor" I said back.

"No" Trevor said. I knew I guess I better just go to my room. I turned around and started walking toward the apartment building my room was in. I was so mad he wouldn't let me join and kill them.

Then I heard the wall start to break. I turned around and seen the platform tipped over and the wall came crashing down a few seconds later.

I run over and see the guys being torn apart by the walkers. I pick up a gun one of the guys was shooting and started shooting but I only killed a few it was just a little hand gun. Maybe five bullets in it.

There was over a hundred of them maybe closer to two hundred and I knew I had to run no way was I killing that many with my hands. Trevor and me made eye contact and he yelled to me "Follow me Carl". I ran and followed him walkers where following us.

I didn't notice the road had cracked and my foot tripped and for sure sprained my ankle. Walkers 10 feet away I thought gor sure I was as good as gone.

But trevor threw his gun to the side and picked me up and carried into a building a few feet away just in time. He trys to close the door but a walkers hand was in the door.

He picked up a vase and broke it open at the bottom and opened the door and crushed it into the walkers head. He cut his hand really bad trying to kill it but managed to shut the door in time before more tryed to get in.

He helped me up and got on my bad side and I hobbled to the kitchen table and sat down. "I knew that was going to happen Carl" He said in disappointment.

"Walls are ment to be destroyed" I say back to him. "We have got to get out of here, the walkers have taken over the town and everyone is just going to have to try to survive on there own" Trevor said.

"Those people in this town have they even fought walkers before" I asked knowing he what he was to say.

"Carl most came right after this happend and have been here for several years" I shook my head in disappointment that he wanted to leave people that didn't even know how to kill them.

But I knew we had to leave. Sometimes you just have to do what us best for yourself. "Trevor I know your not stupid where is your car and stash of food hid" I asked.

"On the other part of town and we have to go through the front gates that are down" I shook my head. He is so stupid. I had a angry expression and I didn't care if he knew.

"We have to go now" At night the lights will attract them even more and it is midday now. Since the town decided to have automatic street lights run on generators.  Which cause walkers once again.

I peeled the curtain back and there was only the walker on the door step that was killed by Trevor. I remembered Trevor cut his hand. "TREVOR" I yelled. He came running like a walker was there.

I looked at his hand and he had already found a shirt and had tied it around his hand to stop the bleeding.  Wow I over reacted. "You can't hold a gun" I said really serious. 

"Yeah but you can" Trevor said. I thought duh trevor but I didn't say it. My plan grab the gun five feet from the door to the right. Find something to sharp to give to Trevor and get the to the car.

That was the plan. Didn't know if it was going to work...

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