Chapter 14

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The door opens and I get dragged back out to the fire pit. "So are you ready to start obeying son" the boss asked. "I will not take orders from a no good" I was cut off by a punch to my jaw. Blood was dripping out of my mouth.

I could tell the person that hit me had brass knuckles on. I stood up "Is that all you got, weak" I yelled out. Bang, one guy down. Pow, two more go down. Two are left, I hear the guns go off the last of them fall to the ground.

"Carl I'm so sorry we left you guys here" I hobble over to Maggie and hug her. I cry in joy that I'm still alive. "Trevor" I yell out.  I go to a room and open it where Trevor is laying there all tied up.

I untied him and hug him. "Are you alright babe" I asked. "Yeah I'm not to beaten up. But you, Carl you don't look so good. I felt light headed and bruised but I would be fine. I'm the Carl Grimes.

I heard the all too familiar sound. The moaning of walkers.  "Carl we got them" Glenn said.  Maggie, Glenn,  and Much on new kill the walkers. We got up off the floor and walked out of the room.

We got in the car and we drove off. "We found a place to stay. We found a group, about 20 people. They are safe, have medicine, also have lots of food" I liked hearing about this place seemed pretty good.

"How long till we get there" I asked. "20 minutes" Maggie answered. I felt sore and had a head ache coming on really bad. Hopefully they have really good medicine.  "We do have to give them our weapons but it is only to keep everyone safe" I didn't really feel like giving them up, but they must trust the group.

We arrive and we walk through three gates and they all closed behind us. I guess these people know how to put up defenses. I look around and it looks just like a camp grounds. There was five cabins and a fire pit in the middle. Then the main building, food hall, and showers.

Also two make shift watch towers one on the south end and one on the north. I felt secure after we got settled. "Carl they want you and Trevor to go to the main building. 

Trevor and I walked over to the building. "Hello my name is Alexander Samuels and I built this place a few years ago.  I see your group has found us and we would like you to stay for awhile" Ben said. I didn't like staying in place for a long period so I don't think I will be staying.

"Come sit down. We need to get your names and you will be assigned a bunk. After that our Doctor will church you out and get you taken care of. Then you can get your dinner before hitting the comfortable bunks" this sounded to good to be true.

Things have never been good. I know that in the zombie apocalypse never let your guard down. If you do you will get killed and end up as a walker trying to eat brains.

"Name, Age, Sex, and have you been bitten" I replied "Carl Grimes, 17, Male, No I have only been beaten by a group of bikers"   I smiled and was handed a piece of paper.  "Take it to the doctor please" the nice lady said.

I could hear Trevor in the distance answering the same questions.  I walked over to the doctor and he told me to strip down and then turn in a circle slowly. He pulled the curtain shut and I got undressed.

He touched my bruises and I winced at the pain. "Okay your good Mr.Grimes, I will give you some pain medication. You have to go easy on it but you will heal over time" The doctor said. I said thanks and got dressed.

Trevor went in and the doctor closed the curtain. That doctor is so luck he gets to see Trevor naked. Trevor walked out a few moment later and we walked to the cabin. Our group all  go put in the same cabin.

I got to my bunk and there was fresh clean, non zombie guts clothes. "I'm going to take a shower, Trevor want to join babe" Trevor got his clothes and hurried along following me.

I looked around the kids where playing the adults where laughing sitting around the fire. This place was heavenly to me. I got in the shower and there was a time limit of ten minutes in the shower.

I turned the water on hot and let it flown to the ground. I hadn't had a shower in ages. I took my pants and shirt and underwear off and go in. I felt the water hit my bruises.  It hurt but then felt good.

Trevor got in and wrapped his arms around me. "Baby, I love you and I'm glad we are alive" Trevor kissed my neck. "I turned around and kissed him pushing him against the wall.

I stopped and looked at his brusied face.  His body wasn't just his face was bruised.  I couldn't believe I let some no good bikers take advantage of us. I felt like a coward. I grabbed the soap and washed Trevor all up as he did to me.

We rinsed off and the timer went off meaning our time was up. I grabbed a towel from the shelf and dryed off.  I grab my new clothes and put them on. They smelt so good and clean.

The camp intercom came on. "Please we need everyone to go to there designated cabin and stay till further notice. Thank you in advance for follow directions" I looked at trevor and we grab our clothes and ran to our cabin.

I opened the door and let trevor in and then I walked in."Is everyone here" I asked. I locked the door and walked over to my bed wishing they didn't take my comic books at the entrance. 

I sighed and layed down. Trevor layed next to me and gave me little kissed.  "Trevor why are you so adorable" I asked. "Because I just am" Trevor answered cocky. "Self centered much" I snapped back. "Got it" I laughed at his answer.

The intercom came back on "Dinner will be ready at 8:30, you are safe to come out of your cabins now" Alexander announced.  I opened the door and Trevor and me went and sat by the campfire.

A man came and sat across from me and Trevor. He was about our age and had brown eyes and was skinny and tall about 6'2"  "Hi my name is Carl and my boyfriends name is Trevor" I say introducing us. "I'm Jacob" he said.

"So does that lock down thing happen a lot around here" I asked him. "Yeah it has died down a lot here lately though" Jacob said. "I always fear the walls coming down" Jacob said. "I think we will be fine, do you know how to kill the zombies"  I asked. 

"I haven't killed one in about five months since I have been here" Jacob said. "Well I have killed plenty since then" I answered. Jacob looks down at his watch. "It is dinner time do you want to come eat with me. I can introduce you to some folks around here" Jacob said.

"Uh I think we will wait till our group is ready to eat. Don't want to leave them hanging. But thanks for the offering" I declined nicely. 

Jacob walked off to go eat and the sirens sound again. This is not good I had to get out of here. "Trevor we are leaving right now" I said knowing something was going to happen.

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