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Chapter 18

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We hear three gun shots go off.  "No this is not happening" I try to run to the house but Trevor pulls me back.  "Carl we have to go, We can't risk our life's babe" I fell to the ground and leaned against the building. "Carl we have to keep moving" Trevor grabbed my arm. 

"Trevor I can't" I spoke those words and just put my head in my lap.  I couldn't take it anymore. I was done, my heart had been crushed to many times. Trevor picked me up and we started walking.  We hid behind a building as the car passed.  Glenn, Maggie, Michonne all gone so fast. 

They made it all the way to year five.  Longer than a lot of other people. I followed Trevor as we kept walking.  The next couple of weeks where just making it. We found cars and drove till we ran out of gas.  We had made it to Kansas and kept going north.  The walkers all heading south for the winter so it was a really good idea to go north. 

I looked at the snow on the ground as it was for miles.  It got blinding after awhile so I shut my eyes and went to sleep.  I woke up to Trevor giving me a kiss to wake me up.  "Carl I think your going to like this place" I yawn and wipe the blur out of eyes.

"Trevor where are we" There was nothing broken. The yard was covered in snow, but untouched.  The house looked like well a house.  "We are home Carl" I stepped out of the car and Trevor came over and grabbed my hand.  "How did you find this place baby" Trevor shushed me and opened the front door. 

The house was heated.  I was about to open my mouth but Trevor spoke up.  "Carl I will tell you everything after we break in our new house.  Trevor comes over and undressed me and we end up in the bedroom. Trevor grabs my throbbing cock and deep throats me.  I moan as I feel my cock hit the back of his throat.

"Trevor" I moan.  I fall into a orgasm feeling and don't realise Trevor is about to enter me.  He pulls me to the end of the bed and fucks my ass hard.  "Trevor don't  stop" I yell out. Then we hear a knock at the front door. 

Trevor slip out of me and puts his pants on.  "Be back in a minute babe" I can hear Trevor talking in the other room and then he comes back as I hear the front door close. "Sorry Carl, now where were we" I lean up and kiss him.  "I don't know you tell me" I answer back. 

He takes. His pants off and lays on the bed.  I get him hard then I sit on his cock he guides me up and down as I feel him get closer.  He starts moaning louder then I feel the cum fill my ass. That never got old.

I layed down next to him. "So where are we" I look over and Trevor is a zombie and get bites my neck as I wake up.  "Carl" Trevor says as I sit up.  "What Babe" I look and we are driving down a highway. "You where moaning like crazy babe" my gave turned red.  "Sorry" I covered my face and laughed.

We pass a sign "Welcome to Nebraska" The sign read. "Have you tryed the radio" I asked.  "Nope,  I didn't think about it" Trevor said. I turn it on and the static is there I change the channel and flip through them I get to one with a voice.  "Anyone out there, we have a camp" I make out. The radio turns back to static. I turn it off and sit back. 

"Could be nothing" I say.  "Could be our only hope" Trevor says back.  He is right I hope we find somebody. Lonely with only me and Trevor. "Trevor gas station" Trevor turns around and we pull into the gas station. We kiss before we go in.  We always do just in case it is the last one. 

I knock before we go in.  "Could be trapped,  be cautious" I open the door and it smells like a walker.  I hear the growl of the walker.  I step inside and it is trapped under a shelf that had fallen. Trevor walks over and kills it. I look around and walk around.  "Trevor oh yeah" I hold up some bottles of Alcohol. "Put them in your bag save them for tonight" Trevor wanting to get a little drunk and have some fun I can see. 

I step over the shelf and walk down the hallway. I look in the cabinets all cleared out.  But I hear walkers. I turn around and one grabs my shoulder.  "Trevor help" I yell as I fall to the floor and two more fall on me.  I put a gun in the walkers mouth and blow its Brains out.  Trevor kills the other two.  He pulls the walkers off and I get up.  I was covered in walker guts once again.

I pull him in for a kiss.  We kiss and I zip up my bag and we leave the walker gas station. Not one of the worst places I have been in my life though. I know weird right.  Getting eaten by four dead people sound fun right? Yeah I didn't think so either.

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