Chapter 4

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"Be ready and stay behind me Trevor" I said. He nodded in approval. I opened the door and peaked around the corner, no walker in sight. I ran and picked up the gun with Trevor following me.

I ran to the gate and shot one walker in the process. "Come on, hurry" I said quietly. The walkers where munching on a person. Not a pretty sight to see. Even if I have seen it over and over again. We follow the wall all the way around.

I see the car and look at Trevor in disbelief. "Really a little piece of crap like this Trev" I ask pissed off because the car doesn't look like it will get us anywhere. "Sorry want to get a new one somewhere, like a car rental" Trevor says to piss me off even more.

I get in the car and Trevor gets in the passenger seat. The car reaks of death. "Did you buy it from a dead person" I ask before I look in the back sear and see a walker. I grab my knife and put it down. "Sorry about that Carl" Trevor says. I get out of the car and drag the dead walker out and get back in and take off. With the windows down.

I drive till we get to a building that has people in it. I stop and they instantly close the window. "Did you see that" I asked. Trevor nodded. "They could have something we need" I said.

"Carl don't this world is crappy enough, now you want to steal things" Trevor said back, making me feel guilty. I put the car in drive and went on. I thought about what he said. I always take things to heart when I hear it from another people. I hate that about me. Got it from my mom. You see where she is. In a dead walkers stomach.

We get into a strip of houses and it was getting late so it was probably the stop for the night. I pull over and into the drive way of one of the nicest looking houses. "This one" I ask Trevor. "Up to you Carl" Trevor says back kind of annoyed. I don't know what got him so mad.

"I really liked the yellow one next door, in my opinion" Trevor said. So picky, it is just a house to stay in. I popped the trunk and grabbed the bag. It was a sports bag. It was packed full of things.

I looked at Trevor and walked over to the yellow house. "Where you going pretty boy" I didn't like when he called me that. "Don't called me that, you said you wanted this one picky one" I said back in a cocky way. Hope he likes the taste of his own medicine.

I knocked on the front door as usual and one came as I opened it waiting. I put a knife through it's head and knocked again before entering. I cleared the house and then walked back out. Trevor was sitting on the front porch swing. I laughed and told him to help me get the walker out of the walk way. We dumped it in the bushes and walked inside.

I locked the door and then put the old knot on it. Trevor but the couch in front of it and it brung up a really bad memories. My dad who I had not see since we got split up. "Okay well I'm sleeping in the bed up stairs" I say. I take out a bag of chips and offer Trevor some. He declines.

"Well I might join you pretty boy" Trevor said. I looked at him with a death stare and said "Don't call me that". I was so annoyed with him. But I was tired so I didn't say or do anything more. I walked up stairs and layed on the bed.

I woke up to you know who snuggling up to me. If I wasn't tired I would have punched him and kicked him out of the bed, but I let the gay boy be. Good thing it was cold or I would have kicked him to the other room.

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