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Chapter 17

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Our car had been junked we found out. We found a truck and took it. Trevor and me sat in the back. Trevor layed his head on my shoulder as we went for miles not knowing where we where going.

We stopped as we came upon a few zombies. "I got them" I jumped out and put an end to there zombie life. I jumped back in the truck and we kept going. There is no safe place these days. You are always in danger.

It may be zombies or humans but your never safe. I hated knowing that. The truck pulled into a driveway it was getting dark. We all knew to clear the area. I banged on the door. Waited and counted to ten. The zombie came to the door. "Michonne you got it" I asked. She nodded I grabbed the handle and opened it and got out of the way.

Michonne let out a grunt as she killed the zombie. Another on was coming out the door. I grabbed my knife and stabbed it through the head. We went in the house and clear it. I set down on the couch and let out a cry. I was so weak, I was done fighting. All my life had been was fighting the dead.

I didn't get to have fun as a child I was put in a world of death. Trevor sat down his gun and came and hugged me. "I know it is hard babe, but you have got to keep fighting. I know everyone has told you that but you have to live for us. For your family you have know Carl" Trevor wiped my tears and kissed my lips.

"Carl lets go to bed" Trevor took my hand and grabbed his gun and we headed up stairs. "I know what you need babe" Trevor closed the door and we both started getting undressed. He threw his self on to me and gave me a deep kiss. Trevor being dominant that was different.

He kissed my neck then told me to turn over. He gave me a massage. I moaned as he made my body feel relaxed. I had never felt so relaxed. He turned me over and grabbed my manhood. I arched my back and it gave him more confidence. He took me in his mouth. I tried to be quiet but I couldn't keep it in. I moaned as I go closer.

Trevor stopped to tease me. "Babe" I cried out. He moved his hands to my bottom area. He looked at me and I was unsure. He told me it would be alright. I let him it hurt as he stretched my ass finger by finger. He slowly moved them in and out and It hurt.

He did it till it started to feel good. He took his finger out and he was hard by them. He spit on his hand and lubes his member up and he held my legs as he entered me. My ass was throbbing as he pushed in and out.

We echoed each others moans as it started to get really tense. He was getting close and I was jerking my own member as we both exploded like a volcano. My inside turned warm and Trevor kept pushing as more came out. He pulled out licking my cum off my stomach.

He gave me a kiss and he layed next to me. "Trevor baby you are the only thing that keeps me in this world" I say. He pulled the cover over us and said "I love you Carl Grimes" I answered him "I love you Trevor". I looked out the window as I drifted to sleep.

I woke up and Trevor was already up. I put my clothes on and smiled as I remember what happend. I love that boy he is my other half. I dont know what I would do without him. I walked down stairs and everyone was talking peacefully.

"Well the day is half over sleepy head" Trevor said I pulled a chair out and sar down. "So what is the plan" I asked. "Just going where the road takes us" Maggie said. I shook my head as that was always then plan, just follow the road.

I grabbed the empty backpack and got up. "Anyone want to go search for supplies" My hopes where Trevor would. "I will" Trevor jumped up and volunteered. I grabbed his hand and we walked down the street. "You two be careful" Maggie yelled.

"I seen a strip mall as we came into town last night. I think we should look there" Trevor agreed. "Your the expert babe" Trevor mumbled. "After last night I think you are" We both fell into a laugh. Trevor face turned red. "Someone is embarrassed" Trevor folded his arms like he was going to pout.

"Oh stop being a baby" I kissed his cheek. I ran to the first store and it was a pharmacy. I got medicine that I thought was important. Trevor holds up a box of condoms for what he finds. "Really" I say I then shook my head. "He we dont want you getting pregnant Carl" I hooked my head. "My crazy boyfriend" I say out loud.

We head back to the house to tell the others what we got. We turn the corner and see another car in front of the house. "Get back" I whisper to Trevor. "They could be in trouble" Trevor whispered back. I can't leave them but we can't risk our life's. No not again I'm not letting my own die.

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