Chapter 12

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The car rolls to a stop as we pull up to a motel. "Staying here for the night everyone" Glenn Said. I didn't pay attention, I was already whining to get me some Trevor.

"Hang on a minute Carl" Trevor whispered to me as I was pull on his arm. Maggie pushed the front office door in and got us a room. I grabbed the key out of her hand and thanked her. " Someone is a little impatient" Maggie snapped at me.

"I said thank you" I got to room 116 and unlocked it. I walked in and made sure nothing was in the room. "Clear" I say. I push Trevor on to the bed and take his shirt off.

I climbed on top of him and touched the spot I left a hickey earlier in the day. Trevor moaned and motions for me to suck on it again. "Uhh yeah Carl" Trevor Moaned as I sucked it.

I traced his happy trail all the way to his jeans. I could tell he was already rock solid as his jeans where about to burst. I un did his pants and pulled then down and off.

I traced around his cock with his boxers on. He moan and cried for me to stop playing. I took his penis out and stroked it a few times before I put it in my mouth. Trevor bucked up and shoved it down my throat and I gagged.

"Be easy baby I'm still new at this" I say. "Sorry" Trevor replied. I stopped and took my shirt off before Trevor decided to be dominant.

"I will show you how it is done" I blushed and felt bad because I knew he was better at it than me. "Relax" he sucked my hard on and it was throbbing within seconds.

"Oh baby, I can't hold it anymore" I yelled before Trevor swallowed all of it. He kept sucking as I let out tiny moans. I finished him off and wetland in the bed for what seemed like hours.

Then someone knocked on the door. I got up and peeked through the peak hole. It was Maggie. "Yes" I say trying to see what she wanted. "Well since I know you two are busy I will just leave these things out side of the door. You can get then later" I say thanks and go lay back in the bed.

"Who say you can't have a good just me in the zombie apocalypse" I say as I rest my head on Trevor stomach. "Well we sure know how to have a great time babe" I smile.

I get up to put on my jeans to open the door to see what Maggie left us. I open it and see some food she must of found around here. I picked it up and closed the door. "It was food" I set it on the desk and lay back down.

I wasn't much into food at the moment. Also Beef jerky, skittles and some soured orange juice didn't sound good to me. "Trevor tell me about your past" I say trying to get a feel.

We just started dating and I don't even know much about him. "Well I lived in a small town out side of Atlanta and lived with my mom and dad. Things where going good till the Zombie apocalypse came and ruined my life. I lost my mom on the first night and my dad a few days later. We didn't know how to kill them yet. After that I found people and we built that little town up and it was a success then it failed a few times. But never like that last time. Before that only one or two would get in a cause chaos. But I met you and if I didn't probably wouldn't be here." I just listen and started into his eyes as I was dosing off.

"So now it is your turn babe to tell me your story" Trevor lays his head in my lap and staired up at me. I looked down and gave him a kiss. "Lets save it, I just want to lay and cuddle with you baby" Trevor trys to blurt out a "but". But I just shush him till he gives in and lays down next to me.

"I love you Trev".

"I love you Carl"

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