Carl Grimes - TWD

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"I was at school and my mom came to pick me up and Shane my dad's partner where there. I was one a little boy then. My mother took my home told me pack my bags and get ready to leave. Lori my mother was crying the whole time at the house.

Shane said to my mother that we would never see my dad again. Well we did a few weeks later. That was by luck. We made it to a farm which I almost died. I was saved though. We met Herschel the man that owned the farm. He was crazy at first kept walkers in his barn. His family and friends who had turned. That place ended up being over runed and burnt down.

After that we moved to a prison and had luck there till a guy named the govonor came and wrecked it. My mother died there in the prison. But she had her baby which I forgot to mention she was pregnant.

Then we got all split up and went our separate ways because we were not prepared. We all walked on these old train tracks till we got to terminus. That was a big old trick. The people ate you if you didn't do what your where told. My dad told them we had a scientist who could change the world around back to where it was.

Well he agreed to take us up to Washington to see if he could. The scientists turned out to be a fraud and it turned into a pmbig waste of time. It had been a few years then. I was a teenager by then.

Finally we got in a battle with the terminus group and go split again and now I'm asking to join your group please. I have told you everything. I have lost everyone I know." I wrote it all down on a few sheets of paper they wanted me to tell them everything that I have been through.

They kept me in this room which was locked and it was a interrogation room at one time. They called this town Greenwood. I sat for what seemed like hours. Then someone opened the door. I looked up with my bloody, ripped, torn self. I seen a clean, tall man standing there and he opened his mouth and said "Welcome you have been accepted to Greenwoodc Now I will show you to your room and bring you some food after you get settled in." I smiled and followed the man out into the street

I noticed only men where in this town. I looked around and didn't see a one woman in the town. I thought it was strange. We stopped at a nice new painted house that wss baby blue. I walked up the stairs and the gentleman held the door open. I walked in and said " Which way?" I laughed.

"Over here to the left" He started walking down the hall and stopped at a door with the number 112 on it. "Is there a reason for a number on the door?" I asked. "Just to keep track of the number Of people here in Greenwood" I smiled and went in. He told mento take a bath and meet him at the front gate in 30 minutes.

I haven't taken a shower in weeks maybe a few months. I got undressed and stepped into the shower. The water hit me and I flinched at first then I just let it run over my swollen, zombie guts, bloody body. I release a sigh and after a while I hear a knock at the door. someone yelling "Get out of the shower dummy" I turned off the water immediately and got a towel and looked at my old watch.

"Crap, it has been 25 minutes" I throw on the black shirt and Grey skinny jeans they had layed out and put my old shoes on on. I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair. I walked over put on my watch and went to the door. I was about to open it when I heard a knock. I opened it and I seen the man standing there. "Sorry I got carried away in the shower" He cut me off and said "Don't worry about it, come on Carl" I walked out and followed him to the front gate.

"Carl meet Jack, Dani, and Henry the three guys who keep the front gate claer during the day" He chuckles and then waves for me to follow him. " You come over here to the food hall and get fed three meals a day" Then he showed me the kids playground, and my favorite the library. I walked in and seen thousands of books. "Carl" the man said. "What" I sad after I snaped out of the day dream.

"Everyone contribute's to a part here. We need you to do something. I'm the leader over the 112 people here. So we need to find you some job" I smiled and replied "So anyone ever come to the library often, looks a little dusty" I smiled. "Well actually one adult that is it, other than that no one" He laughed and looked at me. "I'm sorry I haven't caught your name yet, what is it sir?" I asked out of curiosity.

"The people here call me Trev for short. Trevor is my actual name". "Alright Trevor I have another questions" I look over a trevor. "Carl save it for another time I don't have all day to answer questions talk to one of the three at the wall if you want more information." Then Trevor walked away and disappeared after turning the corner.

I Shut the library doors behind me and walked down the sidewalk it was getting dark and a man was walking down the street with a torch lighting all the lanterns hung on the old street ligh post. He told me I needed to go to my room because there is a curfew and you don't want to get caught after it.

"What are we 10 year old's here" I thought in my mind. I cringed at the thought of stupid rules once again. Bad enough my dad didn it for 17 years of my life. Now Im stuck in a town with tons of rules.

I had missed dinner but my bag from the rode still had some snacks left to eat. I took out a few Graham crackers and ate them but I put the rest up because I need to save them just encase something would happen in the town so I could have something to leave with.

I slipped the shirt and Jeans off and pulled back the covers and jumped in and covered up. A mattress to sleep on in a first time in so many years. I felt like heaven's clouds under me. I fell asleep within minutes.

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