Ending? Sequel?

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Carl Grimes has found himself a boyfriend and now has a child to take care of. Two Woman are in the back of the truck riding along. Where will they go to have a safe place? A place to eat, sleep, shower? Carl Grimes and crew are back on the road and face many more challenge and crazy things then they can expect. Will they survive or is it even possible. Is the world to far gone? 


Thank you to everyone who has read the book! It has been fun writing it! I feel lie I want to write another Apocalypse but don't know if it will be a squeal to this one. I have really took courage into my writing lately. I will probably be going through the chapter and fixing typos and grammar issues. This is officially my first completed book I have written. So yes I expected to have some typos and problems! But practice makes perfect!

Leave A Vote & Comment telling me if you liked the story and if you would like a second book to it. I will defiantly be writing a new story coming out soon! So follow me and maybe check it out! Derkid out! <3 

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