Chapter 24

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I had drifted off to sleep next to Trevor in the hospital bed. I was glad he had woken up today. I heard alarms going off in my head. I woke up and realized it wasn't in my head. I jumped up and looked out the window. The Walkers had gotten through the wall."No this is not happening" I said as tears fell down my face. "Carl what's wrong" Trevor asked. "Trevor the walkers have gotten through the wall" I said quietly. He gave me a concerned look. I looked down the hall and it was quiet and not a nurse in sight. I shut the door and locked it.

I pulled my gun out and looked at the clip. I had two bullets and my knife. I put the clip back in and fear went over my face as I heard pounding on the glass.I looked up and seen a rotten corpse standing there ready to tear our bodies apart to eat. "How long will it hold" Trevor asked."It will hold one of the walkers, but a few more and it will give" I said back. "We have to get out of here" Trevor said. I shook my head to agree. Trevor put his feet in the ground and tryed to stand up. He fell back to the bed. "You got it Trevor" I asked. He reassured me he did.

He got up and didn't fall this time. "We got to find some food for you Trevor" I knew his health depends in it. He took off his iv and his hospital rope. He put his clothes on and put his knife into its holster. He sat down and put his shoes on. "Carl I'm dizzy" He said to me."Let me go get you some food" I said. He nodded. I got my knife and opened the door and stabbed the walker in the head. I closed the door and ran down the hall. I stopped and peaked around the corner. No walkers in sight. I made it to a room filled with refrigerators. I ran to one and opened it up.

I plugged my nose when I realized those refrigerators had not been used in awhile. I closed it and looked around. There was shelf's with things on it. I grabbed it and seen it was crackers. "Well they are going to have to do" I said to myself. I ran back to the room and Trevor and me at the stale but good Crackers.Trevor started to look better after a hour. We had to get out of this town. But thousands of walking dead corpse's wanted a piece of us. I've never had to deal with thousands at one time. Trevor walked over to the window and looked out.

"Carl I just want you to know I love you" Trevor said. I walked over to him and grabbed his fragile hand and brought it up to my lips. I kissed his hand and looked into his eyes. "Trevor I love you to, we met just a few short months ago but we where always suppose to met and fall in love". Trevor grabbed my neck and pulled me in close and his body was against mine. Trevor pulled back and wanted to speak. I shushed him and layed him back on the cot and pulled his clothes off. I got up and closed the blinds. The zombies outside in the hall didn't need to see this. "What we couldn't have gave them a show?" Trevor laughed at me.

I pulled my clothes off and straddled him and kissed him for what seemed hours. I just fell into a happy place with him. He was all I had left he was my love and my always. I shed a tear looking into his eyes and realizing I didn't want to die yet. I wanted to grow old with Trevor and be happy for many years. He wiped the tear and spoke "Carl you will always be my Carl and my life". This cant be it, there is some way out of this. The lights flicker and them I hear a loud explosion. Trevor looked at me and had a confused look on his face. We jumped up and peeked through the blinds and I couldn't what I was seeing. "We have got to go now Trevor" I yelled.

The city was in flames below us in the streets. We put our clothes on and got ready. I raised the blinds and counted the 3 zombies in the hallway. "We have 3 in the hallway that I can see Trevor" he bring me in for a kiss. "We got this Carl we just need to fight, we have killed hundreds already". We open the door and run out. I slice the first zombie right in the neck. Its head falls to the ground with the jaw still moving. It stopped and the second zombie was inches away. Trevor grabbed it and stuck his knife through the head of the zombie. I took care of the third and we ran down the hallway towards the stairs. I grabbed my flashlight and turned it on. The lights had went out and hadn't came back on. My flashlight needed new batteries. But the light should get us down the stairs. I open the door trying not to make much noise but it made a loud screeching. I cringed and Trevor looked at me worried. I could hear the growls down on the next floor.

We started down the stairs very quietly and sliced the two zombies easily. "Help" I turn and look at the next staircase level and see the little boy feet away from a flesh eating zombie. The boy was backing into a corner. I jumped down the stairs missing a step and fell. I jumped up and stabbed the zombie right before he was about to bite into the little boys shoulder. I wipe the sweat off my forehead as the little boy screams " Behind you" I swung around and seen Trevor. I pull my knife down and sigh. "He isn't dead kid" I hug Trevor. I then turn back the kid and ask " So kid what is your name" He pauses and looks at me. He mumbled his name "Issac". "How old are you" I asked he look maybe ten or eleven to me. Wonder where his parents are. "I'm 12" He put his head down. I sat down next to him on the wall and wait a few moments. Should I ask about his parents. He spoke up "That was my mom and dad". "I'm Sorry" he stopped me and said "It's not your fault they where already zombie before you killed them" I seen the tears coming down his face.

Trevor had went ahead down the stairs to make sure it was clear while I was talking to Issac. "Well little bud you can come with us" I smiled and got up to check his parents for weapons. Sure enough his dad had a pistol with a full round. Mom had nothing. Trevor came back I could start to smell the smoke. "Carl we have got to go the fire has spread to the building" I got up and helped Issac up.

I looked down at Issac "you can run for me right little dude" I asked. "Yes I promise Carl" I smiled and Handed Trevor the pistol. I had mine with the 2 bullets. We made our way down to the exit of the building. The walkers where mostly burnt toast on the ground now. Some made it through the explosion.

I pulled Trevor to the side and talked it over with him. "You know we need to get to the car garage for a car" Trevor didn't look to for sure. "Carl we have a 12 year old, do you think we can make it 5 blocks" Trevor had a good point. But it was one of our easiest plans if we wanted to live. We need to get far away. This place is basically a zombie bait now. So much light they will come from miles. "We have got to try Trevor" He nodded. "Lets do this" I open the door and the su  is beaming down plius the fire raging around us didn't help the heat factor. We scrambled our way two blocks away from the car garage before a herd of 30 zombies started marching down the street. I signaled to follow me. I turned and went down one block and we made the next three blocks now we just need to make one more block back to the main street. I looked down Issac was doing fine. We found our way to the parking garage. Other people where also there. 

"Trevor keep him back, let me go chat with the other survivors" he nodded, I walked up to the group of 15 people all chatting. Most had knifes not guns I scouted them all. Trevor and I both have a gun. There was 4 cars left and the people who where left where getting mad. "Hey my family needs a car" One random guy said and then someone pulled out a knife to the guy. Everyone pointed there knife at someone. I calmly pulled out my gun from its holster, "Give me a key to a car now or I will kill all of you" They all looked at me and seen the gun. "Drop the knifes now" I demanded. They did and I went over to the guy with the keys.  

I demanded the keys to the truck. He handed them over. " I will take whoever in the truck wants to come. Everyone else good luck fighting for the other cars" I laughed. I signaled Trevor and Issac to come over. Trevor had his gun pulled out also. Two girls got in the back of the truck. Both seemed to be in there early twenties. I hopped in the driver seat and buckled up. The other I seen in the mirror where still fighting over the last three cars. I chuckled and drove away. We got out of the cities limit and the hospital building collapsed an sent smoke into a big cloud across the ground. The cloud seemed to be expanding across the city. I speed up and drove away from the cloud of destruction. 

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