Chapter 9

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On the road traveling it was so much better with Michonne. She made me smile. She was like a second mother to me. We passes a sign. "Little rock 27" So we are in the middle of Arkansas.

"So Carl never knew you liked boys" Michonne said. My face turned to bright red. I tried to keep the grin off my face but it was impossible. I replied "trying something different" Michonne just smiled and didn't say anything else.

"So Michonne, how long have you known Carl" Trevor decided to make a conversation with Michonne. Michonne really wasn't the talky type to new people. But I bet she will be fine with Trevor.

"I have know him for about 7 years now, Carl is one great kid" I like at Michonne in the mirror and smile. I was glad she was nice to him. They kept rambling on about crazy things. I just kept my eyes on the road and block it out.

We finally made it to Little Rock. I stopped as abandoned cars where everywhere. No way we would try to take the car through it. The car was almost on empty anyways. I opened my door and stepped out.

Michonne and Trevor stepped out to. I shushed them to make sure they stay quiet. We crepped around the cars. So had dead people in them. Some had words written on them like "stop here turn around dead are coming" I laughed.

We got to the city and it was a ghost town. There was no one there. We cleared a building and found a few cans of beans. "We shouldn't stay here long Carl" Michonne said to me.

"I know, just for maybe a few nights" Michonne didn't like staying even two nights in a place. She always wanted to move. Never staying in the same city.

Night was coming so we built a small fire and set up a few walker traps to warn us just in case. We sat around the campfire and talked. Trevor decided he was going to bed. I was glad because I wanted to talk to Michonne alone.

"So where is my dad" I asked Michonne, she instantly changed facial expressions. I knew something was up. "He he got sick Carl" my face turned to a concerned look. "Is he okay, where is he" I blurted out, feeling worried now.

"Carl he he" I got up and tears flowed down my face. I was devastated. I had so many emotions. I walked into the building we where staying at and went to a corner. I held myself till Michonne came and sat by me and put a blanket around me.

I heard the cans ring together signaling walkers where invading. I ran out side and took my gun out. I pointed it at the walker and shot it in the head over and over and over till Michonne grabbed.

"Carl Calm down" Michonne said. But how was I suppose to when my dad was gone. There was no time to even thing the one walker was a head of the herd we found out.

I heard them moaning. "Michonne fire" she put the fire out and we closed the door right before the walkers could see us. We walked up stairs and Trevor was awake.

He signaled us over to one of the windows. I looked out and couldn't believe it. This was the biggest herd I had ever seen. "Carl there is thousand's of them. The walkers kept coming and coming.

I sat down and looked at both of them. They where both looking at me. Waiting for me to speak. I wiped the tears from my eyes. "Wait it out" they both sat down one on either side of me.

"Do you hear that" .

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