Chapter 7

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I awake to the a car screeching away. I get up and realize I didn't have my gun or the supplies bag. I get up and look in the rooms and Jennifer was gone. Great we got fooled.

I walk in the other room and see she got Trevor too. She took everything. "Trevor wake up" he shook his head and reached for his waist and realized what I already knew. "We got tricked" I shook my head yes.

"Don't worry I have a plan"  I say knowing I can find them. "Time to go, can't lose anymore time" we walked out the front door and started walking. "Find a car" I look around and see three junked cars.

Then I see a SUV ahead. "Up there Trev" I say. I walk over to it and there is a walker in the driver seat. I open the door and forgot I don't have my gun. It jumps on me and I try to hold it back. Trevor runs over and grabs it and smashed it's head in to the asphalt.

Trevor helps me up and I thank him. The keys are in the car. But when I try yo start it I find out it has a dead battery. I go over to another car and get a battery out of one.

I put it in the jeep and try it again. It starts but only has a little bit of gas in it. "We need to get gas out of another car" I say. The junk cars aren't so bad after all. They help us put the best one together with a battery and gas.

"We have lost a lot of time on them" Trevor says. I wipe the sweat off my forehead and then get in the car and start it. "Get in" I head the way I seen Jennifer head off.

"We will catch them and when we do they will be sorry". I see something is on fire in the distance. I drive over to see what is and it is a house. It was about to collapse. I drove off as the house crumbled.

"We need weapons" Trevor said. "Look in the glove box, people always have guns there" Sure enough once he opened it it had a gun. There was three bullets in the gun.

"Don't miss" We both laugh and look back at the road and keep driving. We come upon a road stop and it is on fire. "We have a arsonist on our hands Trevor" She is leave a trail. I decide to be careful the next few miles because this building was just lit in fire not long before we seen it.

I drive down the road and we see a car on the side of the road and I stop and freeze. "Carl" Trevor says to make sure I didn't die. "What Trevor" I say. "What are we waiting for" I look at Trevor and say "We can't just go up there and demand our things back nicely". I know that wouldn't end good.

"Shoot them" Trevor says. I think about it then I put the car in drive and speed up and tell Trevor to duck and roll his window down. Time froze and I pulled the trigger three times and I seen all three hit her and she fell down.

I stop and Trevor leans up. I get out and see her son crying over her dead body. I didn't know what to do. I fell to my knee's and knew I messed up. "Carl, you did the right thing" Trevor tryed to resume me.

I got up and yelled and shed a tear. I just killed a five year olds mother. How? Why? I get back in the car and put my head on the steering wheel. Trevor gets the supplies and puts it in the car.

I hear Trevor yell out in terror and I look at the little boy being bitten into by his mother. I hit the steering wheel. Great the day gets worse. I get out and grab the gun from Trevor and tell him to get in the car.

I started this I have to finish it. I put a bullet in both of them and say a prayer. I know it shouldn't have ended this way but it did. I got in the car and drove away.

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