Chapter 11

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I fell to my knee's. I broke down, I couldn't take it anymore. Mom, Dad, Andrea, Hershel, Shane, Sophie, Dale, Judith. I had lost so many. My dad just through me over the top.

Trevor put his hand on my back and kneeled next to me. "Babe I'm sorry, I know it has been stressful for you lately. I get it but you have to stay strong. The minute you get weak you fall, you turn into a walker." I listened. I knew I had to grieve but do it quick. I couldn't drag it out.

Everyone I know broke then turned into the monster. Only the strong survive. I got up and wiped my tears. "I know Trev, I will be fine, I will get passed it" I walked over to a step and sat down.

I heard a car in the distance. I looked up as it stopped in front of us. The driver side window rolled down. It was the hope I needed. "Guys get in big herd coming this way" Glenn said.

"Glenn, Maggie" I said in joy. "Carl no time to talk get in" we all three jump in the truck as we see walkers turning around the corner. Glenn speeds off spewing smoke I to the walkers faces.

"Well high guys" Maggie said in her happy voice. I smiled back at her and said hello back. "So who is this Carl" I had almost forgot to introduce them.

"Maggie, Glenn, this is Trevor my" I couldn't finish my sentence as Trevor finished it "Boyfriend" Trevor said. I looked at him and smiled. "Clingy on that note" I say. Trevor punched my arm.

"Ouch, that really hurt babe" I say getting him to put his bottom lip out like he was pouting. I laughed and kissed him. "Get a room" Michonne said.

"Only say that because you wish you had a boy to kiss" Trevor says. Michonne didn't say a word back. We stop by an abandoned car. "Need gas badly" Glenn said. Gas is getting pretty scarce in this Apocalypse.

I got out and opened the driver door. "Wonderful" pulled my knife out and stuck it through the corpses brain. It stopped moaning for my brains. I opened the gas cap and stuck my nose up to it.

"In luck Glenn" Glenn grabbed the siphoning tools. "I'm not doing it, I'm not a good sucker" I laughed after I said it. "Trevor" Glenn yelled. We both cracked up and Trevor just looked innocently at us.

"Come here baby" I put my hands around his neck and he came closer. "Mhm Baby" Trevor said as I kissed his neck and gave it a little bite. "Carl, Trevor get a room like I said before" Glenn said. I laughed and let Trevor go.

"Glenn can I please have some fun" said being sarcastic. "Nope, not till we get somewhere" my smile turned to a frown and I got back in a car.

Glenn got done siphoning the gas. "Maggie don't miss him for awhile" Gas breath is a no go at least for me. "Good thing we have some mouth wash" Maggie said. This wasn't the first time are group has had to get gas out of a broken down car.

"Maggie where you guys with Michonne and the rest of the group when we got split." I asked not knowing. "No Glenn and me ran a different way than the rest. We tryed to come back but no one ever came back" Do she doesn't know about Rick.

I guess I will keep that quiet as I look over at Michonne and she didn't seem I. The mood to tell right now. I just sat back and went quiet and waited for Glenn to get done putting the gas in the tank.

"Glenn come on what is taking you so long" I whined as it had been 30 minutes. "We need all the gas we can get out of this car" I leaned my head back in annoyance. "Okay Glenn" Trying not to be rude.

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