Chapter 20

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I awake to the loud knock at the door. I get up and put my pants on. Last night was really great. I loved having sex with my boy. He always made it interesting. Oh right the door. I grabbed it right as he was about to knock again.

"Hello Carl and Trevor, time to go to your new sleeping quarters" I looked at the guy he was tall had brown hair and was fit. I didn't know his name yet though. "Okay let me and my boyfriend get our things" The guy look at us and walked out to a golf cart. "These things our are main transportation inside the walls" Captain obvious I could see that. I had a headache but I knew I had to be nice. He stopped at a house and it looked like a house before this all started. "Here you guys go" the guy handed us keys and we took our bags out of the back.

If you need anything there is a buzzer inside and someone will come to help you with whatever you need. "we do have strict policy about putting your work in. You both will be assigned a job. We will have someone over shortly to help you with that" Trevor seen I was getting impatient. Trevor thanked him and I was already at the door and half way inside.

"car, please baby be nice to the people. We need this place right now. At least till gain some mental strength back" he was right, all we have is zombie killer on the brain all the time. I guess this is a vacation. Wish my family could be here for this. I walk upstairs with bag and scope everything out. I know this place is clear but I still walk through the whole house. I guess it is a habit. Trevor already unpacking and putting his things away.

I hope this works out. I'm tired of running from the dead. Trevor helps me unpack and we ended up getting a little turned on. Trevor was teasing when we hear a knock at the door. I pull my pants up and walk down stairs. I open the door. " Well Carl I can tell you have settled in quite well" I blush a little. "Yes I have" I smile. Trevor walks down and is zipping up his pants. I cover my face in embarrassment. Trevor just laughs at me. " Well any who I'm here about your job. Since you have been our there a long time I figured Carl on wall duties, and Trevor since you outgoing I think we want you on the recruiting the people as they approach the city. Gentlemen does that sound alright" the lady asked. "Sure when do we start" I asked. "Tomorrow Morning be ready don't be late" the lady let her self out. I turn around and she lets herself in. " oh lunch is at noon and dinner is at dark. That all takes place in the lunch hall. Someone will come around with your card that lets you do everything in the city" then she shuts the door.

A card? Well that is different but structure I like it. I look at Trevor. "this city is ran better than mine I used to run" I laugh at Trevor's comment. He comes and gives me a kiss. "I love your kisses babe" it was was time for lunch. I wasn't really feeling like eating but Trevor wanted to so I went with him. We had to walk there but they had plenty of signs and directions to follow. We found it after a few minutes of searching. The line was long but it went fast so we didn't have to wait long. Sandwiches yummy haven't had one in awhile. Pb&J's yummy.

We walked over to a table where two guys where sitting. "May we set here" I asked. "yes sure we would love that" I smiled and thanked them. I noticed them sitting pretty close to each other. No way another gay couple. How to ask them in a nice way? I thought about it and finally concluded to just wait I till a moment. " so what are your names" Trevor broke the awkward stares and no conversation. "I'm Jake and this is my boyfriend Hades" Jake answered I could tell Hades was shy. " So what are your names" I was going to talk but Trevor spoke up and said our names.

Trevor and Jake kept a conversation for the whole meal and didn't stop afterwards. " well I need some fresh air Babe, I'm going to go out side. Hades you want to come" I asked in a nice manner. He shook his head yes. We walked out side and felt the nice breeze. " Sorry about Jake he talks a lot" I answered back "Sorry about Trevor he is the same". We both laughed. They both wouldn't even let us get a sentence in. "I can tell you have been through a lot Hades" I say wanting him to know I was there for him. "I can tell you have to bud" I smile at him.

"So how did you meet Jake" I really wanted to know. Well this all started a few years back and we ended up in the same group and the group didn't last long and Jake and I where the only survivors and we just survived for a few years till we found this place a few months back" surprised he just told me. " I met Trevor a few months back and we have been together ever since" I said as I could hear our chatty boyfriends talk. This is only Lunch, I can't imagine what dinner is going to be like.

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