Chapter 22

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"Carl I don't feel good" Trevor said and fell to the ground. I ran over to him. "Trevor wake up" I yelled. Tears started rolling down my face. "What is happening" I yelled to the wall keepers. They took there walkie talkie off their hip and talked into it say we need a doctor.

"Carl this is happening all over our town people are getting sick and falling into a acoma like state. We don't know what to do" I hugged Trevor and took him in my arms and pulled him into my lap. "Trevor if you hear me, please fight. Don't let this take you babe. Please Trev babe" my tears fell onto his cheek. I wiped them off and the doctor where walking up the steps with a stretcher.

"Carl we will take him to the infirmary and you may come with us if you would like" I shook my head in a yes motion. I got on one of the golf carts and rode to the infirmary. We walked into the building and they asked me to wait till they had him set up in his room.

I waited for an hour before they cwlled me back, I put the comic down and walked back with the nurse. I sat in the room all night and got woken up by the nurse. "Hello Mr.Grimes, I'm Dr.Fernando" I greeted him and said hello.

"Mr.Grimes , I just wanted you to know other people have blacked out like this in our town the last few weeks. About half have made it through the acoma like state" I looked at Trevor and looked back at the doctor. "Is Trevor going to be alright Doctor" I asked. "Like I said it is a fifty fifty chance Mr.Grimes" I shook my head.

I would not be able to get past his death. Trevor is all I have left. I would have nothing left without him. He is what completes me. "Well thank you doctor" I said. "I will be back in a few hours to check on him" I nodded and set back in my chair.
I stared out the window and all I could see outside of the walls is zombies. It was only a matter of time. Walls only keep them out for so long. They will find away to get through they always do.

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