When Worlds Collide

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*Note from the future: I didn't publish this at the right time. This was supposed to be published ages ago. SOMETIMES I FEEL I GOT TO BING DUN RUN AWAY I GOT TO SQUAW DUN*
Third Person POV

Tendou got on top of a table in the backyard and stomped his foot to get attention. "I would like to clarify! This party is not for the USA!! Because fuck the USA the government sucks and we should overthrow it. BUT THIS IS KINDA LIKE A LATE PRIDE PARTY AND/OR just a party because fuck the USA!" He yelled as people nodded in the crowd.
"Overthrow the government sounds like a great pass time!"
"Wait, I didn't get to celebrate Pride!"
"All Countries Matter!"
"Let's just destroy the US and the trump supporters and make a new country."

Tendou jumped off the table and gladly went on to the quiet people area. "Heeey! What are y'all doing?? Are you playing video games and just sitting here?" He looked astonished at the people on the couches and floor. "I'm the founder here. You're too loud to be here." Kenma examined Tendou and shooed him away. Levi and Sakusa were bonding on the opposite seats and talking about the stupid people they are surrounded with on a daily basis. Tendou grunts before leaving the group of quiet loners.

"Who the fuck was watching A Silent Voice?" Tanaka asks already tearing up. Ennoshita, Kinoshita, and Narita were huddled on the couch and every time a firework went off they would almost overflow with tears. "We never got to finish it because we were so sad and then fell asleep." Ennoshita grabs tissues and wipes his eye. "I'll leave you guys to it. Love you!" Tanaka smiled and walked off.

Tsukki POV

I wasn't going to be in the mix with the people but this was a great time to annoy people. "Hey, angry Pomeranian!" I snickered as he turned around again. He was the best person to get angry because he could destroy the whole house. "I have a question!" Midoriya popped up and looked cautiously at Bakugo. He reminded me of Hinata but even more of a crier. "How aren't you dead yet? Kachaan isn't exactly nice enough to let you do that." He chuckled nervously and looked at Bakugo again. "Shut up you damn Deku!" He yelled and turned away. He walked back to someone and I wanted to find Suga. I hadn't seen him since he left to get ready.

"Suga? When did we get a Karaoke machine?" I question as he sets up the last of it. He smiles and waves me over. "Oh, I don't really know. Someone just came up to me and asked me to set it up. There's so much going on it's like entering different houses!" He laughed and got up dusting his hands on his pants. "I want to test it first! Give me a song to sing!" He smiles and starts it up. A small gathering of people were around and getting ready to listen to him. "DO UNDER THE SEA!"
"What? Ok! Sure!"

I walk away from the large crowd around the karaoke machine. A lot of people were gathered around but I could not for the life of me find Yamaguchi. "Tadashi?" I called out and looked around. "Oh! Tsukki!" Tadashi ran up to me and hugged my side. "Wow! Have you been drinking?" I chuckled and started guiding Tadashi to sit down. He later across my lap and adjusted his shirt. "Well! Oikawa gave me lessons." He chuckled and curled up on my lap. Lessons? What does that even mean? "You look really tired and slightly drunk. You should go lay down in our room." I pat his arm and look around. Most people are outside in the pool or doing karaoke. Some people are passing by, talking and laughing but not too many people. "I don wanna sleep." He pouts and starts dozing off. "And a lot of people like left when they got slightly drunk. By a lot of people I mean the, like 4 people I was drinking with." Yama covers his face and fell asleep in my lap.

~Timeskip into Kageyama's POV~

"Can I please?!" Natsu begged me to let her have a sleepover with one of the kids she was hanging out with. "Who? How many people are staying over and for how long?" I questioned her looking at the group of teens in the room. She dragged me from the backyard into her room and now all these children are begging me to let Natsu go. "Ok! So we are all going because their parents said yes. It's just gonna be for like a night and a day. So tonight I go and sleepover and then tomorrow we can all hang out during the day and then I come back later." She rambles on and I sigh. I'm not the one to decide this! I'm not even good with children! "Shouldn't you ask your brother?" I look out the window for him but can't find him in the backyard.

"Plan C?" The kids ask each other and I look at Iwaizumi. "Why am I dragged here?" He looks at all of us like I have a part in this. "Uh sure go to the sleepover." He shrugs and goes to leave but they stop him. "Who's driving her?" They all yell and look at their phones. "We have exactly one hour until we leave to his house! When we leave we can bring her with us or you guys can drive her!" A smaller child crosses his arms and looks at Iwaizumi. He's the smallest of the group but he acts like the oldest. "Aren't you guys like 3? Kageyama, why couldn't you do this? Sure Natsu you can go with them. Just text us when your coming back or you need a ride. Or whatever. Anything happens text us. Be good." I just rub my head and walk out with Iwa.

The party has died down and slowed. Some people had to leave early and others stayed behind. It was now just close friends left. "Omi Omi!" Atsumu called out landing on top of Sakusa. Sakusa grunted and moved his phone out of the way.
"Volleyball made us gay?"
"Yes. Look. All of our friends are pretty much LGBTQ+, right?"
"Uh yeah."
"And what do we all have in common?"
"We played..."
"VOLLEYBALL!!" They say in unison. The conversation was between Tendou and Tanaka. "Where's Yamaguchi?" Terushima looked around but couldn't find a sign of him anywhere. "He went upstairs earlier. He might have taken a nap." Tsukishima nodded to the stairs and all the conversations continued and went on.
"Some of you guys can crash here if you want!"
"Oh! I have a question!" Terushima asked and looked at Daishou who most likely had the same question. "How do you guys afford to live here??" They both asked the group and they all laughed.
"Kenma, Bokuto, and Oikawa are the richest but we all contribute. Some of us work in the cafe near the college." Akaashi chuckled pointing to the main three. I was just sitting down in the back. "What do those three do?" Daishou looked at them questioning. "Bokuto has great family. Kenma does YouTube and is a Pro-Gamer-"
"And I!! Well, I'm a pole dancer at this club. Iwa-chan sometimes comes to my job." Oikawa laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his head. I didn't even know about this until now! "Really? That makes way more sense now!" I point out and look at Iwaizumi who is sipping his drink quietly.
"Now I'm interested! Don't you have to have great strength for that!??"
"Well yeah! I sometimes do it randomly in the room with the pole."
"Wait not all of us knew that! Who knew?"
"Iwa-chan, Makki, Mattsun, Ushijima, and Akaashi."
"Wait how did you know Ushi?"
"I was at the place and I saw him and recognized him."

We all were joking and talking for a while and some people decided to crash in the guest rooms. "What are those two doing?" I asked Suna who was watching the twins tap furiously on the counter. "They are arguing in Morse code." He replied watching Osamu tap something out. "YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!" Atsumu yelled and turned his back to the grey-haired guy.

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