School and Work

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Sugawara POV

"Have a safe drive!! Bye!" I called out to the people leaving. We all had a fun weekend but now it was time to get ready for school and work. I kicked the door shut and yawned loudly.

"Daaaiiii~ What if we-"
"Koshi, for the third time you are not going to skip and live in a large van going anywhere and everywhere."
"Oh you got it word for word that time." I collapsed on the bed rubbing my face on the soft sheets. This is going to be THE most boring day tomorrow. "Ok, let's negotiate. You let me sleep in-"
His glare made me groan loudly. This isn't fair. Fuck being an adult. I sadly make sure I have everything picked out tomorrow and ready, just in case of an unfortunate accident where I sleep in.


"WHAT?!??" An ear piercing scream shook the room. I ran out to check on what happened but all I saw was a waffle on the floor with syrup and whipped cream splattered. There goes my human alarm named, Yaku when he drops food.  I stumble back in the room and flop down.
"Beautiful, you have to get up in a bit anyway, so just get up now." Daichi's morning voice was the best but not when I just wanted to be a mole rat and bury. "No thank you." I covered my head with the blanket as the weight lifted off the bed. His feet tapped on the floor lightly and I knew exactly what he would do.
His hand reached under me and flexed. "Up you go." He flung me up and held me towards the ceiling. "Ok!! I'm up, sadly."

Tanaka POV

"Enno! Pass me my thing!"
"What thing?!"
"Ah! Fuck it!"
I ran frantically around the room. I woke up late even though Enno said to set an alarm and help. "Tanaka, I love you but please hurry the fuck up." He complained tapping his foot on the floor. I ran at mach speed trying to get my stuff on. "Daichi and Suga getting coffee calmly early in the morning. Us rushing like mad men 30 minutes before we need to be in." Enno snorted before grabbing my bag and bringing it to the car.

"Ok!! See! Made it in the car perfect timing." I panted before looking at a dozing Ennoshita. "Chikara! I got in the car 5 minutes before we needed to leave. Let's go!" I kissed his face all over before he chuckled driving off. "It's not my fault you love cuddling so much." He played nice soft music while I enjoyed the blowing air. We usually had calming quiet car rides in the morning but the afternoon is when we have loud and chaotic rides. "When did you get coffee? I barely had time to slap your ass." I pouted at his smug coffee face. "While you were clinging to me like a koala with your head covered." He smirked pulling into the parking lot.

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